Diets in folk medicine

Diets in folk medicine
 At a time when most people are inactive lifestyle and eating properly, the problem of excess weight is so urgent, that is rare to find a person who would not have tried at least once in his life one of the trendy diets. Not to mention the fact that with all pages and billboards urge you to use any magic bullet that can solve the problem of excess weight quickly and without much hassle.

There is a legitimate question, as did without all of these funds before? Is there in folk medicine recipes that can operate on the principle of diet?

Folk medicine advises primarily reflect on the process of cleansing the body and find out whether you have problems with metabolism. For its purification there follows the popular recipe: three kilograms of peeled and cut into slices of pumpkin seeds, they added a couple of oranges and lemon zest. All of this is filled with sugar and cooked in two stages jam over low heat.

While the following recipe can rather be attributed to the drug, not a diet, but, nevertheless, it can help restore harmony. Herbal, consisting of three parts coriander and buckthorn bark, one part of licorice root, senna leaves four parts, two parts smartweed, Viola tricolor, and bearberry leaf, brewed a thermos in the evening at the rate of - a mixture of one tablespoon per cup of boiling water. After straining the infusion is drunk in the morning before eating. The course lasts for one month. At this time, and is useful to take a bath with herbal infusions. For infusion should be prepared in advance a mixture of herbs: buckthorn bark three parts, three parts of Viola tricolor, two pieces of licorice root, smartweed and rhizomes of couch grass. Four tablespoons of this mixture poured a liter of cold water, bring to a boil and boil on low heat for a quarter of an hour. Filtered solution is added while taking bath temperature of thirty-seven - forty degrees every day or every other day. It is advisable to do this procedure from ten to fifteen times. 

Pay attention to another folk remedy. Apple and celery root Grate in a ratio of three to one. To this mixture was added to yogurt, grated on a fine grater horseradish root and salt to taste. The resulting dish should replace your dinner during the week. The result should be a loss of three kilograms of weight.

However, the best recipes of traditional medicine to combat overweight sounds very simple: eat less and move more.

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