Diet for the week: quick result

Diet for the week: quick result
 The seven-day diet - is the best solution for those who want to achieve quick results. This "unloading" will lose five to nine pounds overweight.
 Important in this seven-day diet - follow the sequence of receiving food (it is necessary to modify the metabolism). In addition, in any case can not make exceptions in the form eaten muffins, donuts or candy. It is only necessary to use only those products that are listed in dietary menu, and drink plenty of fluids (at least two liters of drinking).

During the first day to eat toast, vegetable salad, which you can fill with sunflower or olive oil, a piece of cheese and two hundred grams of canned or cooked beans. In addition, you can drink a glass of low-fat yogurt and a couple of glasses of juice or unsweetened tea. Help to diversify the diet of fresh fruits and berries (they can eat up to one hundred grams).

Menu of the second day by the absence of toast and cheese: these products replace one hundred grams of boiled fish. Yes, and add vegetable salad need a small amount of red sauerkraut.

The third day of discharge diet is no different from the first day of the weekly menu diet. But on the fourth day (dinner) instead of a hundred grams of beans to eat hundred grams of boiled chicken and fifty grams of cooked rice (only without salt).

On the fifth day for breakfast, you can eat a hundred grams of low-fat yogurt and a cup of coffee without sugar. In addition, during the day you can eat two hundred grams of cooked beans, vegetable salad, dressed with olive oil, two boiled potatoes (in uniform). And do not forget about fruit, berries and juice.

During the discharge of the sixth day you can eat a toast, two hundred grams of beans, one hundred grams of low fat cottage cheese and a light salad. And do not forget about fruit.

At breakfast, the seventh day of the weekly diet can eat a hundred grams of fat-free yogurt and drink unsweetened coffee. Lunch will be presented boiled beans and a light salad and for dinner you can treat yourself to a vegetable soup, canned beans and fresh grapefruit or orange juice. And for lunch as usual berries or fruits.

The most difficult is the first, third and last fasting days: during this period wakes up a strong sense of hunger, so these days is better to occupy yourself household chores.

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