Diet for business women

Diet for business women
 You are a successful business woman, shuttling between the different cities. Now you have important negotiations, one hour meeting with sponsors, and you are concerned about the inability to lose a few pounds and relieve the body? Check out the special diet, designed especially for business women.  

Nutritionists especially paid attention to the problem of excess weight among women, all the time busy with work, and presented to the public a special diet. It is based on minimal time for cooking is characterized by simplicity and mobility. The total number of calories consumed is in the amount of slightly more than a thousand, but, despite this, the feeling of hunger treacherously will not pull you toward the buffet, because nourishing diet satisfied. That only is the presence in it of a huge number of pulses and vegetables fruits.

Designed for a wide range of consumers, the diet includes food choices on the menu. Proteins should be consumed restocking energy in the body (boiled fish, chicken), the so-called "black" carbohydrates, speeds up metabolism (peas, corn, lentils) and "refreshing" products such as raw eggs, seafood, vegetables and fruits. Yes, do not forget a couple of cups of coffee a day and healthful green tea.
Complete expulsion from the diet to be alcohol and sweets: nothing to relax, it's time to pull together, because your body - it is also the result of a successful enterprise.

In general, the diet is quite easy to carry, but the first few days will have difficult: it is necessary to get used to innovation. Nutritionists recommend drinking is not just a lot of water, namely, warm water. It not only fills your stomach, and quickly remove the feeling of hunger without taking up excess energy. Optimal rate will be a glass of water per hour, so the day of the total amount of 2 liters. Although, given the graph of your employment, for pain and suffering time will not, and pounds will go by themselves. You will not even notice. Perhaps diet will be the beginning of a new system of your food, just not keen on. Acted reasonably. Perfectionism many brought to exhaustion and anorexia.

Sporting load would be a great addition to this diet, but given the extent of your employment, it is recommended to restrict the rejection of the elevator and an evening stroll in the nearby park.
That's all. Good luck enterprise.

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