Diet every other day

Diet every other day
 The desire to lose a few pounds leads people to the fact that they limit themselves around, thereby causing harm to their health. Diet every other day, gaining its popularity day by day will help your body to part with body fat safely and effectively.
 Dieters often use extreme diets that severely restrict calories. Furthermore, they do not address the needs of the body in balance proteins consumed, fats and carbohydrates, often depriving it of one of those elements. Such a method of weight loss leads to an absolutely opposite desired effect - your body is experiencing stress, begins to store fat in reserve, and you just push him to increase the volume.

Not so long ago learned about the new power supply system - dotted food intake or diet every other day. It lies in the fact that one day you will reduce the amount of calories by about two-thirds, but the next return to the usual diet. The system provides for the species. For example, the day of limitations - the usual day supply constraints day - two days normal diet, and so on.

The bottom line is that just a day of fasting your body does not have time to switch to reserve fat, since it is not under stress. For this day he is fueled by the constraints of the reserves set aside for emergencies. This is how you gradually burn body fat.

An important condition for compliance with this diet is reasonable in the days without any restrictions. It is not necessary after day, for example, yogurt or cottage cheese, rolls and rush to the fatty meat, and eat it all in huge quantities. Try not to overeat and do not lean on oily, spicy and sweet foods.

Every other day diet gives excellent results, but wait for them to immediately not worth it. Fat burning will occur gradually, so you begin to lose weight in a week of such food. What is important is that the body will not seek to recover fat reserves, so the result of this power will stay with you for a long time.

Before turning on the dotted food, think about whether you have stomach problems. This fact would be a contraindication to it. In addition, the diet every other day is undesirable for adolescents, pregnant and lactating women.

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