Diet astronauts

Diet astronauts
 Lose weight by applying for this minimal effort - the dream of every woman who on the eve of the beach season or next celebration meticulously examines himself in the mirror. Inactive lifestyle, love for sweets, flour, fat deleterious effect on our figure. One effective way to throw off excess weight - go on a diet. And one of the most effective diet - a diet of astronauts.

The operating principle of the diet of astronauts is that the body gets only proteins on the assimilation of whom spent a lot of energy. As a result, the weight decreases rapidly with little effort on your part.

Diet lasts 20 days, during which a person loses approximately 20 kilograms. This is a big burden on the body, so to experience the diet of astronauts is only in the event that you are completely healthy eating.

Astronauts diet menu is very simple and is repeated throughout the 20 days. Breakfast consists of a cup of yogurt or a cup of coffee, one egg (boiled or fried without oil). At lunch you can eat half cooked chicken without skin and wash it down with 500 ml of broth in which it was cooked (half chicken - is the maximum amount you can reduce it). Afternoon tea consists of a cup of yogurt or a cup of coffee and dinner - from 200 g fat-free yogurt or a cup of yogurt.

Protein diet involves the complete exclusion from the menu of fiber. Added sugars, salt and spices impossible. In addition to yogurt and coffee you can drink water without gas in unlimited quantities. If you are going to follow a diet all the 20 days, you should start taking vitamins in parallel, as so meager diet can not provide the body with all the nutrients necessary for him. Physical activity during the diet should be deleted.

Stick to the diet of astronauts need no more than 20 days (can be less, but then the effect will not be as noticeable) and no more than once a year. Exit the diet of astronauts should be smooth. Enter in the diet of foods gradually, as the body has already grow out of fiber, fat and carbohydrate. Greasy, spicy, fried, smoked food should not be used until a few weeks after the release of the diet.

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