Autumn diet

Autumn diet
 Sure, getting rid of extra pounds a positive effect not only on appearance but also on health in general. However, it is important to remember that this process should be gentle - during the diet the body must still receive all necessary substances for normal functioning.
 It is therefore necessary to think carefully about your diet during the diet. Autumn diet is probably the most convenient and accessible in terms of cost. After all this time of year everyone can afford to buy all kinds of fruits and vegetables, in contrast to the winter and spring seasons. And especially important is the fact that the fall in these products contain the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins that the body needs very before the onset of winter. This way you can prepare it for the upcoming cold weather and protect against colds.

As a rule, for many morally hard to bear diet, because comes in many deny yourself, fight the temptation to eat something delicious. Autumn diet in this respect goes a lot easier because of the wide variety of products that are recommended for use, each certainly find for himself something to taste.

In principle, the strict rules and prohibitions in this diet is not. It is only important to eliminate from the diet pastry, sweets, meat, eggs, fish, all kinds of meats and animal fats. It is also desirable to give up coffee and alcohol. Those who can not live without the sweet, can calm down: sugar can be replaced with honey, but it is important not to abuse the quantity and remember that it is enough calories. Also a good alternative to sweets can become fruits and dried fruits.

It is also important to note that in the autumn diet menu can be sufficiently diverse. Do not think that you have to eat every day the same products. For example, for breakfast you can prepare your own porridge: buckwheat, oat or rice. Different salads are mandatory in the menu, you can eat them for breakfast and lunch, and dinner. You can cook them from favorite vegetables: cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, carrots. However, you have to give up mayonnaise and fill salads small amount of sunflower or olive oil. Also very tasty vegetables are baked in foil.

Power is desirable to make frequent, small meals. Do not be amiss to lunch and afternoon tea, at this time you can eat any fruit or vegetable.

Typically, this diet is sufficient weeks. And, of course, pre-should consult with your doctor.

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