A little bit about tea diet

A little bit about tea diet
 Today, there are many diets that are based - any one ingredient. However, sometimes the main acts or some exotic, or an expensive product. And here is one of today's popular diets offers as a main dish ... tea. What is it: tea diet?

Probably many, when they heard the phrase "tea diet", presented the horrors of starvation: really can only drink tea and eat nothing ?! In fact, the name of this type of diet is very conditional and does not imply a rejection of food. On the contrary, it is possible and necessary, but carefully making your diet.
As with other types of diets, in this case, also have to do without starchy foods, salty and spicy. But with pleasure Absorb fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Those who consume meat, you will need to remember that you need to eat it boiled.

And where is the tea? Tea will just frame your entire diet. Following a diet will have to drink per day for about two liters of green tea. After all, he - one of the most common and popular natural antioxidants. The usefulness of this drink has long been appreciated by many people prefer it black tea or coffee drinks.

What has the positive effect of green tea for weight loss? The fact that it contains catechins. "Activity" of these substances is just focused on the breakdown of fats and the establishment of metabolic processes in the body. Tea itself has a low calorie content: 60-70 calories per 100 ml. Do not forget that in addition to catechins present in green tea and a variety of vitamins.

Ease of tea diet is also in its accessibility and simplicity. Today, you can buy green tea in any store. And his choice is wide enough. According to their taste characteristics tea also leaves a pleasant feeling - not by chance many people regularly consume it, not even knowing about any new-fangled diets.

Finally, however, we note that not all groups of people recommended copious consumption of green tea. If you have problems with a stomach ulcer or gastritis, the tea from the diet is better to abstain. It is not necessary to resort to her pregnant and lactating women, the elderly and children. Do not forget that green tea, although in smaller quantities than other beverages contain caffeine. Therefore it is possible appearance of insomnia and an increase in pressure.

The recommended period for the tea diet is from two weeks to a month.

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