5 rules to combat obesity

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 Overweight - a problem that exists in all developed countries. Systematic overeating, lack of exercise, drinking plenty of fast food, fast food leads to weight gain, which in turn leads to serious illness. To weight remained normal, it is necessary to observe a number of rules and lead a healthy lifestyle.  
 Rule 1

To always stay in shape and do not have problems with excess weight, give up a late dinner. At night, the metabolism is slowed down as much as possible, which leads to the formation of fatty deposits in the waist, hips and buttocks. If you have difficulty immediately reduce the amount of food consumed at night, or you can not sleep, drink a glass of milk or yogurt. Dairy products contain natural tryptophan, which promotes relaxation. You calm down and fall asleep easily.

Rule 2

During the day, eat rationally. Never skip breakfast, it must be full of nutrients, contain carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. If you do not have breakfast, in the evening you will be much more difficult to avoid overeating and weight control become a real torture.

Rule 3

Give up bad habits. Alcoholic beverages increase appetite, also contain a lot of calories, but their use becomes superfluous, because after drinking a glass of wine and 100-200 g of vodka, you will not be satisfied.

Rule 4

Keep an active lifestyle. Each morning begins with charging. Light exercise will improve overall body tone, will contribute to burn calories. If you additionally take a contrast shower during the day will feel much fresher that will help you lead a more active life, and this in turn will not allow excess fat deposited in the reserve.

Rule 5

To combat obesity, use all available methods. Enroll in a fitness center. Training under the guidance of coach will help you not only to throw off 5-10 pounds, but also to simulate the figure have tightened appearance.

An integrated approach in the fight against excess weight will help you get rid of excess fat and restore the tone of the body. You'll feel much better, avoid problems with the cardiovascular system, gain confidence and good humor.

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