Tibetan diet: how to check its effect

Tibetan diet: how to check its effect
 Popular diet for weight loss, based on the principles of nutrition highlands of Central Asia, is able to return the body young and prolong the days of a person's life. Unique balance of dairy and vegetable products helps to quickly get enough and does not contain excess fat and calories.

Tibetan diet is absolutely not harmful to the body, rather, on the contrary, can only bring positive results - getting rid of body fat, accelerate metabolism, improve health and normalization of the systems and organs.

The basis of the Tibetan diet is combined dairy and plant foods. From dairy products are allowed to use milk, yogurt and yogurt. Vegetarian dishes presented vegetables, berries, fruits, juices. Permissible use of boiled fish, black bread, cheese in small quantities. Salads recommended to fill with oil and croutons, herbs and dried fruits can help satisfy your hunger between meals.

Since meat is a product of the forbidden, then it can only eat after the diet, which usually lasts a week. After a certain period of time is repeated diet. Nutritionists perceive this diet as contributing to improvement - weight loss diet not only helps to lose weight quickly, but also cleanse the body, remove toxins and waste products. Tibetan diet does not require the mobilization of all forces of the body and produce a huge force of will, as far from the principles of fasting.

The gradual change in diet does not cause the body to experience the shock of a sharp reduction in calories, but you need to prepare for a diet. For a couple of weeks before the diet begin to limit the consumption of meat, gradually reduce the amount of sweet, starchy foods. Give up fried foods and fast food, because your body is able to perceive only healthy food.

Food composition of the Tibetan diet varied and nutritious, it contains all the necessary for the functioning of the body nutrients. Getting a meal, try to observe the basic rules - do not worry, eat slowly, enjoying the taste and silence.

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