The most questionable diet of all time

The most questionable diet of all time
 Around the world, millions of people lose weight. Of these, only a small percentage actually want to get rid of excess weight. And these people do not go to a nutritionist, and themselves to pick up a system of weight loss, which sometimes proves to be very doubtful.

Of course, any diet can be turned into ineffective and even dangerous, if it is unwise to approach compliance. But there are means and methods for weight loss, which are initially suspicious.

Hormone Diet. Its essence lies in the fact that in addition to reducing the daily intake of calories a person needs to do an injection of the hormone hCG. Probably everyone knows that in the hormonal system failures lead to a variety of diseases and hormonal treatments have side effects. Therefore, the consequences of such a diet is impossible to predict.

Monodiets. Judging by the title, it is proposed to use only one product. But, firstly, there is no food that would satisfy the need for all micronutrients immediately. Secondly, many people have formed an erroneous conception of such a diet. Some product should be dominant, but not the only one, especially since you can eat no more than five to seven days.

Blood group diet. If fingerprints are unique to each person, the blood of all the people are divided into four groups. There are many other features of the body that are not included in this diet.

Point impact. It is believed that one of the many points at the ear is responsible for appetite, and if you wear an earring in it, you can, with no effort, lose weight. This fact has not been proved, but made do know that a poorly executed puncture can greatly affect the health - because of the accumulation of nerve endings in the ear.

Grapefruit Diet. Grapefruit itself is quite useful, can not be said about the diet. Firstly, in large quantities Grape contraindicated for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Secondly, this citrus interacts poorly with various medications. Thirdly, a daily calorie diet - 800 kcal, and that too little.

Respiratory diet. Proponents believe that the food and water you need to completely replace the breathing practices and meditation. Do I need to comment on something? ..

The list could go on onion, soup, lemonade diet, the introduction into the body of worms and other questionable methods, but the most important thing to learn - before you start losing weight, see your doctor. He will take into account features of your body and make a meal plan and exercise, to help you lose weight, but not health.

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