Tea diet for effective weight loss

Tea diet for effective weight loss
 One of the most successful tools for proper weight loss is diet tea. Many people still do not know who to thank for the breakthrough in the care of the figure - residents of Japan or China.

It is these two countries can boast of growth of this natural tea, in which absolutely no harmful components. If you want to try for yourself tea diet and get the desired result in a fairly short period of time, then you need to buy tea is of such quality.

Of course, the most effective for losing extra pounds from all the tea diet is one in which for the duration of weight loss is nothing but tea consumed is impossible. This diet can be equated to the discharge days, during which time you can rapidly lose a few pounds. But it's not about that. After all, we have in mind is not a cheap tea bags, and natural product containing a large amount of antioxidants.

During this diet is mostly used the product must be quality natural green tea. In addition, you need to not only drink it constantly, but also used for the preparation of other dishes. For example, you can cook rice in the tea broth or add it to salads or meat. In addition to tea, still allowed to drink pure non-carbonated water.

During the diet should drink at least 5 cups of tea, and always at the end of the meal. Remember that tea can not add any sugar or jam or honey, or other additions. In addition, in any case impossible to arrange snacks between meals.

At the tea diet is recommended to give up sweet and starchy foods, fried, spicy and greasy. It is better to focus on products, steamed with a minimum addition of salt, for example, lean fish or poultry. Furthermore, products containing large amounts of protein to be dominant in the diet.

Remember that stick to tea diet in any case can not be more than two weeks.

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