"Sweet" weight loss: the basic rules of sugar diet

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 The title of this diet can be confusing sweet tooth who want to get rid of a few "stuck" to the waist kilograms. Sugar, indeed, is not only possible but also need to be equipped. However, dietary menu it is presented not as a muffin and chocolate, and in its own natural guise.
 Sugar mono-diet - one of the most difficult and hungry. Its duration is small: optimally - 1 day maximum for the hardiest - 3 days. The effect of weight loss "on the Sahara" is very individual: someone can lose 2-3 kg, while others remained in the same weight.

In the discharge menu only 3 components: black tea, sugar and non-carbonated mineral water. In loosely brewed tea added sugar based small spoons 6 250 ml of liquid. Per day diet should drink 6 "sweet" glasses and 2 liters of mineral water.

Simple carbohydrates, sugar, quickly absorbed by the body, giving energy charge high power. Complete absence of a food item within proteins and fats allows the liver and kidneys "rest." This diet is sometimes recommended for patients with chronic cholecystitis and acute hepatitis. However, such an appointment should be done only by the attending physician.

During sugar diet comes purgation, as it is not received solid food. A large amount of fluid consumed hudeyuschego also gives a positive result. Together with the water excreted toxins, excess salts and other harmful substances.

For all its simplicity and alluring sugar mono-diet has some serious drawbacks. Firstly, it is a very low calorie content. People who do not have good health, conduct a "sweet" fasting days need only under medical supervision. She categorically contraindicated in patients with diabetes mellitus. Even in otherwise healthy people can cause minor ailments: weakness, fatigue, drowsiness, apathy. After cessation of the diet they will disappear.

To mitigate the effects of starvation, during the period when on a diet is better to give up sports and heavy physical work. By normal night's sleep, you can add 2-3 hours a day. Improve health and help slow walks in the fresh air.

After cleaning the body sugar is important to finish the diet. In no case can not immediately return to a normal diet. In the first 2-3 days will have to "sit" on a light salad from vegetables without salt, seasoned a little lemon juice. Acceptable alternate vegetable snacks with fruit. You can then add oatmeal, boiled in water and carefully wiped, such as rice or oatmeal.

Back to the usual diet can be 3-4 days. However, in the "black list" should still remain smoked, spicy seasonings, spices, salt and fatty foods. Also need to gradually increase the size of servings, starting from the third volume of the ordinary.

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