Salt-free diet

Salt-free diet
 Salt-free diet - a diet that includes absolutely no salty food. Such a diet is recommended for people with chronic or advanced forms of diseases of the cardiovascular system and kidneys, obesity and edema.

With salt-free diet is necessary to observe the following rules:
-Finish and eat food with absolutely no salt;
-Reception food should be at least five times a day in small portions;
-blyuda should be prepared for a couple;
butyric can be added, but only in the already-cooked meals.

With salt-free diet is permissible use of rye bread and crackers, soups with vegetable broth, lean beef, poultry or fish, various cereals, raw and cooked vegetables, sweet fruits and berries, one egg per day, jellies, compotes, jelly, milk, cottage cheese , cheese, raisins, dried apricots, figs and green tea.

With the use of salt-free diet is prohibited fried and fatty foods, spicy and smoked foods, pickles and marinades, fish and meat broth, lamb, pork and poultry, confectionery.

Here is one salt-free diet, designed for 14 days:
1-3 Day: 0, 5 kg per day of low-fat boiled chicken without skin;
3-6 Day: 0, 5 kg per day any of boiled lean fish;
7-9 days: 0, 25 kilograms herculean, buckwheat or barley porridge on the water. You can add milk 1, 5% fat and honey.
Day 10-12: 2 kg per day any vegetables, except potatoes;
Day 13-15: 2 kg per day any fruit except bananas and grapes.

In addition, when a low-salt diet should drink at least two liters of carbonated mineral water or green tea.

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