On green tea diet

On green tea diet
 In recent years, the world has become very popular in the diet green tea. It is not difficult to verify the effectiveness - a week later seen obvious results. In this diet does not require complex preparations, financial expenses or special graphics power. In addition, green tea strengthens the immune system and normalizes metabolism.

Diet itself is very burdensome for the body and is extremely easy to use. On the day offered to drink a liter and a half of green tea. Also tea drink can be pure water, the total amount of fluid per day was not less than two liters. It is also necessary to temporarily excluded from the diet of fatty, sugary and flour products, or significantly reduce their consumption. In general, the power remains the same as usual. Start a diet with fruits and vegetables a day later add rice and buckwheat porridge. Also in the diet must be present eggs, low-fat dairy products, stewed or boiled meat and fish. As better use sweet dried in small amounts and natural honey. Salt foods should be as small as possible. Starve with this diet is not recommended. Even if you want to achieve maximum results, it should be just a little bit limited portions of food, but do not abandon them altogether. Acute hunger should not occur. Otherwise, the body simply slow down metabolism at times of stress and you will achieve the exact opposite result. 

The mechanism is based on the ability of diet tea enzymes prevent the breakdown of carbohydrates by partially blocking the amylase. Thus there is no effect of low-carbohydrate diet sharp reduction of carbohydrates in the diet. Also contained in tea leaves antioxidants inhibit the premature aging process and heals the body as a whole. And vitamins contained in green tea help to avoid the negative effects of beriberi, so characteristic for all diets.

In order to bring the best results diet is very important to properly store and brew tea. It is important to remember that green tea should be stored in a glass jar with a tight lid, because the tea leaves readily absorb odors and outdoors quickly lose its beneficial properties. Second, the tea must be able to brew. In contrast to the black, green tea never brewed with boiling water, hot water only about 70-80 degrees. This allows you to save the whole range of taste and flavor, as well as useful substances contained in tea leaves.

It is important not to save the tea leaves. For every glass of water placed two teaspoons of tea. With less impossible to achieve the required concentration. An important feature: the green tea is brewed in the second water only. That is the first portion of water which poured the tea leaves are always merged. In secondary brewing tea fully discloses its properties and flavor.

Tea diet is designed for 30 days. During this time, subject to any rules and moderate physical activity can lose up to 10 kg. weight. The big plus is that while there is a complete cleansing of the body, the skin becomes fresh and elastic. The only contraindication tea diets are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, colitis, enterocolitis). In this case, drinking green tea can only during meals, so as not to cause irritation of the stomach or intestines.

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