Menu fish 7 days

Menu fish 7 days
 Almost all nutritionists and doctors of the world agree that eating fish is very useful for the organism. Fish products prolong youth, improve seredechno-vascular system, easily absorbed by the body. Fish should include in your diet on a daily basis.
 In fish contains a huge amount of trace elements needed by the body - zinc, fluorine, iodine and vitamins A, D, E. But the main value of fish in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are very necessary for the person. They have a beneficial effect on the brain, the cardiovascular system, and reduce blood cholesterol. A large number of polyunsaturated fatty acids found precisely in fatty fish: trout, salmon, mackerel, salmon, halibut, tuna, herring.

For those who want to lose weight and it does not harm your health, fish diet - excellent effective means. But to start it, you should consult with your doctor and consider some contraindications use of fish products, as well as the possibility of allergic reactions to certain types of fish.

There is a variant of fish diets designed for seven days. During this time, you can lose 3-4 kg. Here is the menu of this diet: Breakfast: egg, cooked boiled, apple, cup of green tea without sugar, you can with lemon. Lunch: 200 grams of boiled fish, cucumber, a glass of mineral water carbonated. Dinner: 200 grams of boiled fish, green salad, 150 grams of fat-free yogurt and green tea without sugar. Dinner: 200 grams of boiled fish, fresh vegetables, 130 grams of fat-free yogurt, green tea without sugar.

For such a diet careful approach to the selection of fish. The ideal option would be pollack, cod, saffron cod, hake, as they are low-calorie varieties contain only up to 4% fat. More fat - pink salmon and trout - enter into the diet in small portions.

Fish and seafood necessarily align with vegetables. For a diet suitable cucumbers, carrots, beets, cabbage, and various greens. Try to eat less eggplant and tomatoes and completely eliminate the menu potatoes.

Use these methods of thermal processing fish as cooking, stewing, baking in the oven. Try not to eat fried fish. Instead of salt is best to use spices and lemon juice.

When fish diet allowed sometimes use 100 ml of dry red wine.

When these precautions fish diet is effective and gentle to the body. After a week you will feel in great shape.

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