Mediterranean Diet: Lose Weight delicious

Mediterranean Diet: Lose Weight delicious
 Residents of the Mediterranean is rarely suffer from excess weight, while their meals are known to the whole world. That there is some Italian pasta and pizza, to name just a language that diet does not rotate! But the fact remains that if you follow certain rules, generalizing the power supply system of the Italians and the Greeks, it is possible to lose weight.
 Mediterranean diet menu is quite unlike the usual schemes dietary restrictions, was invented back in the middle of the last century. It's hard to call it just a diet, because it is more like a lifestyle.

Do not rely on the fact that the Mediterranean diet will give quick results. This power is designed for a long period, but at the overweight it normalizes the activity of the cardiovascular system, reduces bad cholesterol and makes the skin smoother, preventing the earlier appearance of wrinkles.

The essence of the diet is that the portion of pasta created from durum wheat can eat breakfast only. This is an excellent supply of carbohydrates in the first half of the day, digestible without a trace. But they need to be properly combined by adding to the cheese, vegetables or cereals, but not fat meat. Also there can be a potato, and rice, but merely with seafood or vegetables.

A serving of protein foods eaten at lunch, it is desirable that it was a fish. Its fatty acids contain omega necessary to preserve youthful skin. These fats are only good, not harm.

But dinner Mediterranean diet for weight loss involves light. This may be a serving of vegetables or fruits, and some wine. Drink with small quantities and good quality diet is not prohibited. It is believed that red wine improves metabolism.

Vegetables in the diet should be a lot, but the salads are not made fat mayonnaise. As a useful supplement use olive oil or milk products.

So to lose weight on the Mediterranean diet pleasant, helpful and delicious. It does not contain harsh advice on the quantity and quality of products, focusing on common sense. Therefore, in order to get rid of extra pounds in a similar way, you must first examine the general basics of a healthy diet.

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