Lutz diet

 Diet Lutz is a milder version of the Atkins diet.

For this diet allowed a small number of foods rich in dietary fiber, fruits, vegetables, salad, potatoes, rice, pasta, and whole grain foods.

Greasy fried pork and beef rolls are permitted only within the 800-1200 calories per day.

Carbohydrates are prohibited, as allegedly causing obesity. This has long been refuted base diet, of course, will delight fans of meat dishes. But we should not forget that without a sufficient amount of carbohydrates a person quickly comes weakness, but because of the small amount of vegetables, fruits and grains to create a strong deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

Moreover, sooner or later begins to strike the intestine, as there is no ballast substances that contribute to its activities. When gout or poor performance of blood fat diet Lutz with a large intake of fat, meat proteins and cholesterol can be a real danger to life.

Accumulation of body fat in the first days of the diet are not consumed. The body breaks down carbohydrate stores in the liver and muscles, and with them washed four times more water. Therefore, do not be fooled if the first day of the diet you will lose half a kilogram of weight. Until the fat from the body it comes to really only on the third day of the diet.

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