Lemon Diet by Theresa Cheung

Lemon Diet by Theresa Cheung
 When you want to get rid of extra pounds, and the body is suffering from beriberi, load it monodiet simply unreasonable. A nutritionist from the US Teresa Cheung recommends a way to combat obesity, the main instrument of which is the usual lemon.

In his new book «The Lemon Juice Diet» Teresa Cheung says that all the failures in losing weight kroyatsya in the wrong metabolism. The author argues that if you have problems with the digestive system, it is the lemon will help restore its function.

In the classic version of Teresa Cheung diet lasts about 10 days.

The basic rules of diet:

1. Start your day with a glass of lemon drink. To do this, you need to squeeze the juice of half a lemon and add it to 300 ml of warm water. Every day the amount of lemon juice.

2. Try to add the lemon juice at all meals that you eat soup, salad and tea. Daily Eat some lemon slices with zest.

3. Make fruit salads, in which the main ingredient is lemon.

4. Do not give up cake or cake: but remember, there need to be a lemon.

5. As with any diet, lemon diet Teresa Cheung requires a revision of the basic diet. Try to eat a little 5 times a day. Avoid as much as possible from fried and starchy foods.

Pros lemon diet.

The composition of lemon juice contains vitamin C, which helps to rid the body of toxins.

Moreover, such a diet boosts immunity and develops resistance to disease. With this diet you will have shiny hair, healthy skin, strong legs.

Lemon zest creates a feeling of satiety, as it contains pectin - a source of dietary fiber.

Cons lemon diet.

If you focus on weight loss in excess of 5 kg, this diet will hardly suitable, because it is directed to a greater extent than the reduction in weight, and body cleansing.

Note that the trigger may lemon cause heartburn and pain in the stomach. It is not suitable for people with kidney problems.

If you have a chronic illness, consult your doctor beforehand.

Lemon diet may put a severe test your teeth, because acid contained in the lemon, weakens the tooth enamel.

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