Japanese, or how to eat without getting off the diet

Japanese, or how to eat without getting off the diet
 Japanese cuisine is considered one of the healthiest. Even the desserts in her predominantly low-calorie and carbohydrate products quite a bit. In addition, the Japanese cooks for centuries preferred sparing methods of heat treatment, so the food is stored and vitamins and minerals.

Japan kitchen different variety of dishes of vegetables, fish, seafood. Rich in trace elements, they help their adherents to remain active and cheerful to old age. Phosphorus content which is famous for gifts Poseidon, a positive effect on mental processes. Who knows, maybe it is due to their diet, the Japanese are considered one of the most intelligent nations in the world. Algae - especially seaweed - well affect the appearance. They contain iodine, which is essential for hair, nails and teeth.

Also widely used rice and a variety of soy derivatives. For example, miso soup, which is made on the basis of fermented soybean paste, Japan ready to eat almost every day. Not to mention the soy sauce that is served to each meal, if the menu contains rice dishes. Rice - a Japanese "bread", he often accompanies fish, seafood, poultry and vegetables. But the meat in Japanese cuisine made with vegetables to consume or even noodles.

Buckwheat noodles - soba - made from buckwheat flour. Due to the fact that there remain bran or bran, it is useful as a source of vitamins of group B, as well as other vitamins and minerals. Including through Japanese buckwheat noodles to retain old motor activity, lively, a lot of sports, as a result - have virtually no problems with being overweight.

If we talk about the desserts, the land of the rising sun are cooked unusual, if not - countries at the European taste. For example, like dried milk foam or make a sweet candy beans. But that definitely like almost all Europeans, it's a famous Japanese green tea ice cream.

So is it possible to consume Japanese cuisine, if you're on a diet? The answer is obvious: of course, yes. Neither salads, seasoned with sesame oil or pieces of raw fish - sashimi, which relies dipped in soy sauce with dilute it a tiny "pea" wasabi not bring large amounts of calories. Another thing - sushi. Due to the fact that the rice - albeit slowly digestible but still carbohydrate land should consume no more than once a week. A little trick: if you want to feast on sushi, without getting off the diet - take them with green tea and more in this meal did not eat. The combination of rice, raw fish sauce, soy and green tea tannin acts as well on the digestion and metabolism, and because your body will only benefit.

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