Irina Ponarovskaya diet: how to solve the problem of weight

Irina Ponarovskaya diet: how to solve the problem of weight
 One of the stars of Soviet music is just amazing and elegant woman, Irina Ponarovskaya, for several decades is an example of the style. Good physical condition actress makes drawing conclusions about some secret Ponarovskaya. Maybe it's a personal diet for weight loss?

Indeed, it is known that at one time the actress had problems not only with overweight but also with health. Today Ponarovskaya again in great shape and works in pleasure.

Irina herself does not know whether there is a diet Irina Ponarovskaya, and believes that she herself did not reproach Mother Nature, and she just maintain a healthy lifestyle. Moderation in all things, including in regard to the use of food - that's the motto, which adheres to the actress for many years.

Habit, worked out over the years, eventually allows you to not spend extra effort to comply with the rules of the diet. Just a wise body gets used to extract the maximum benefit from the really useful products without requiring absolutely no frills usual for themselves.

On the basis of supply Ponarovskaya can be considered vegetarianism. The actress did not eat any meat, no eggs, no dairy products. Fish - only occasionally. Carbohydrates - in the form of cereals and plenty of natural cereals, sugar - in the form of fruit. Irina does not drink coffee and eat chocolate. Less fat and fried foods. Chinese, Japanese, Indian and authentic Italian cuisine - germinated grains, soybeans, asparagus and useful spices, as well as a minimum of fat and plenty of vegetables (exception - tomatoes). Irina love this kitchen! Light snack in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. Natural wines. In the moderate consumption of such products and it is the diet Irina Ponarovskaya.

Neither diet for weight loss will not be effective without first cleaning the body. Favorite cleansing cocktail Ponarovskaya - a combination of lemon juice and cucumber. The tone of the body gives moderate exercise in the gym, sauna and swimming pool.

Going on a diet Ponarovskaya, you can lose up to 10 pounds in a couple of weeks. Make it a habit to ease!

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