How to lose weight star: Secrets from Beyonce

How to lose weight star: Secrets from Beyonce
 American singer constantly proud of her rounded figure, but when preparing to shoot the film "Dreamer", the singer lost 10 pounds. To get rid of excess weight Beyonce refused favorite donuts. Before shooting her in the diet were only fruits, vegetables and fish. Flour products it replaced oats and buckwheat.
 Green tea plus water

Beyonce sure that you can satisfy your hunger cup of green tea or a glass of mineral water without gas. During the diet Knowles tried to drink at least two liters of mineral water and a half.

Anti-stress massage

Daily tedious rehearsals and shooting very deplete the nervous system, in this case, given that the singer is constantly fighting the urge to eat something, then there really is not to smile. Self-massage and massage - the only thing that helps relax the star.


The best way to make your waist thinner, according Beyonce is dancing. "In the morning I was constantly engaged in fitness and dance together at lunch dessert" - shared her secret harmony singer. Sanaa Lathan star girlfriend says Knowles outperform nobody can.

Exercise for the legs

Beyonce tries to perform it daily. Required to sit on a chair with your feet slightly touching the floor. On the sides of the seat to put his hands. Instead of compressing the legs and slowly straighten them. Stay in this position about 20 seconds and slowly return to its original position. Repeat this exercise 15 times need.

Strength training

Lose weight - it's only half the story. Pop divas requires not only lose weight, but also make your figure more relief. to help them come then weight training 3 times a week for half an hour.

Without dieting

When Knowles is not sitting on a diet, personal chef for her prepare dishes with a very low fat diet. Beyonce tries to eat six times a day in small portions, and that adversely affects the figure excludes altogether or reduce to a minimum. Star just loves milk chocolate, but instead eating bananas. "It is not as rich in calories and more useful," - says the singer. The last meal at Beyonce accounts not later than seven o'clock in the evening.

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