How to find the most effective diet

How to find the most effective diet
 There is not a girl who would not dream to lose weight. At least a hundred grams. To help the girls have gyms, swimming pools and the principles of proper nutrition, but many of them give preference to an effective diet.

Effective diet is considered by many girls - the one with which you can lose weight quickly and keep the result for a long time. If the preparation of dietary dishes do not require scarce products such as crayfish or crab legs Australian, then this diet is becoming very popular.

Buckwheat diet

Minimum effort, but the results are amazing. There is no easier buckwheat diet.

On the evening in a saucepan zaparte buckwheat (note, even of hardening buckwheat greatly increased in size), in the morning add the yogurt one percent - and enjoy!

Buckwheat salt can not every day you can drink only a liter of yogurt. Such a diet lasts 10 days, and it can help to lose weight by 10 pounds.

Bonn soup

The word "soup" gives you confidence that suffer from hunger is not necessary. But besides the fact that the diet is not "hungry", she is also efficient. During the week you can lose 5-6 pounds. Staple food - soup.

It is prepared as follows: 6 onions, cabbage, a few tomatoes, a few stalks of celery and a bunch of parsley crushed, put in a pot, fill with water and cook over medium heat until until vegetables are tender. Let's be honest - the taste of the soup is not very good ... But if you add the different spices and think that after only seven days you will leave five pounds, can suffer.

Diet Kim Protasov

The main advantage of this diet is that sitting on it, do not need to starve. It is generally contraindicated. Lasts a week for five weeks - is its disadvantage, since not all have the exposure. All five weeks, you will gladly absorb all the vegetables that you can see, mix them with a five per cent cheese or yogurt and rapidly lose weight. On this diet you can lose up to eight pounds.

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