How does the Spanish diet

How does the Spanish diet
 The main difference between the Spanish diet is that it can be used as an example of a healthy diet. Special restrictions not provided, perfectly tolerated, is not harmful, but rather a beneficial effect on the entire body.  
 The Spanish diet is not so long ago, has become very popular in the Mediterranean countries. Using it, you can strengthen the immune system, normalize metabolism and restore the functioning of the heart. Contraindications for this system there is no power supply, it can be applied to anyone who wants to lose weight without harm to health.

Weight in the Spanish diet decreases gradually, a person loses about 3 kg in a week, so the body adapts to this system quite quickly, without experiencing any stress. Those who lost weight on the Spanish diet, knows that the skin does not sag and stretch marks do not appear, even if the person does not exercise reinforces the result.

As part of the Spanish diet should be plenty of complex carbohydrates, vegetable fats and proteins. In foods in the diet, it is assumed the presence of large amounts of trace elements and vitamins. All of these valuable nutrients are in vegetables, fruits, seafood and cereals.

Weight loss - not only the result of the Spanish diet, human skin becomes smooth and gentle. Improves the function of the heart, digestive system, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar.

With regard to the water regime, between meals should drink about 2 liters of pure water. The only limitation is abstinence from alcohol, white bread and cakes, sugar and chocolate for a couple of weeks of compliance of the Spanish diet.

Menu for 2 days looks something like this:

On Monday at breakfast, eat 2 oranges, 25 grams of whole grain bread and drink a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice. For lunch, prepare seafood salad (cup), a slice of corn bread and drink a glass of fruit juice. Boil the vegetables for dinner (glass) and eat a cup of fruit.

Tuesday at breakfast, eat a piece of fresh pineapple (about 150 g) and drink some fruit juice. Lunch may consist of two steamed stuffed sweet peppers, 200 grams of vegetable salad, fruit cup and a glass of orange juice. Boil the shrimp for dinner (glass) and 150 grams of rice, drink green tea.

Knowing the basic rules of the Spanish diet, make a further menu yourself.

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