Evil Spirit of salt: the useful bezsolevaya diet

Evil Spirit of salt: the useful bezsolevaya diet
 Salt is an essential substance that regularly should come into our body. It is included in all cells, thereby, made the metabolic processes in the body, which are necessary for normal functioning and existence in general.

Regular consumption of salt is useful, but do not forget that the number should be strictly regulated and exceeding the daily dose, which is about 7 g, leads to violation of many organ systems. First of all, suffer from cardiovascular and urogenital system, which leads in turn to the formation of edema and the development of hypertension, their further development may lead to a rather sad consequences.

Nutritionists have developed a special salt-free diet, which aims to control salt in the body, and if the condition of the body has a sufficiently advanced stage, it is recommended that the complete elimination of salt from the diet.

Needless to say, after the passage of the diet can be to use common salt, but strictly limited. Salt-free diet is absolutely not suitable for the summer, as the hot summer season, people sweating, displays the body of a number of useful and necessary for him micronutrients, salt, in particular, is one of them. For the same reason, is strictly forbidden to exclude from the use of table salt to people actively involved in sports.

Nutritionists recommended during this diet to increase your intake of fruits, especially pears, apples, and boiled rice and fresh juices. It is proved that the fruit clean our body from salt and replace it with useful trace elements needed by our body. It is also recommended to exclude from the consumption of the following series of products: meats, pastries, pickles and marinades, spicy and fatty foods. Include: raisins, dried apricots, eggs, fish, boiled meat, cereals, soups, etc.

However, before you decide that you need this type of diet, it is recommended to consult a dietician who individually for you to make the menu, which will need to adhere to.

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