Diets world: tea

Diets world: tea
 Among the many slimming tea takes its rightful place diet. The debate about whether its ancestral Japan or China, do not cease. But it is clear that in countries where tea is grown natural and residents have the opportunity to use it and not doubtful concentrates have long understood the full extent of its usefulness.

The best diet for weight loss tea is that rejects eating other foods. In this case, it is more similar to the fasting days, but lost weight and maximum confidence. Thus tea must be of high quality green preferable since it more antioxidants than black.

Japanese tea diet means that green tea in it will be a major component. It is used not only in pure form inside, and is used for cooking. On the broth of rice cooked rice, add it to salads, used as a spice for meat. Tea should drink about a liter. Furthermore it is possible to drink plain water, but not sweet juices.

Special products on green tea diet is not required. Suffice it to at least 5 times a day to drink green tea, sugar and other add-ons. Tea finishes any meal, drink it instead of lunch, and afternoon tea. Any snacks between meals is prohibited. On the diet have to give up flour and sweet and change the way of cooking. In place of fried and fatty meat should come for a couple of fish, salt when cooking is not added to improve the removal of excess fluid from the body. However, it will go and slag output using green tea.

Dominate in the diet should be protein foods. If not sweet at all bad, it is permissible little honey or dried fruit. Stick to the power supply circuit should be no more than two weeks and not more than once every six months, as a large number of proteins may affect the kidneys.

The effect of the diet is associated with the properties of green tea to block absorption of carbohydrates and starches. It turns out that, despite their use, they are not processed in fats. Weight loss will be from 5 to 7 kg, of course, if the moderation in eating will be respected.

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