Diets world: Mexican

Diets world: Mexican
 "How do you want to be slim and beautiful! "- This phrase say to themselves every day women who engaged in an unequal battle with excess weight. After so many diets, but they all tend to be either too long, causing them to withstand very difficult or severe restrictions in the body and lead to energy depletion.

But around the world abundant dietary yet found a place for non-standard, but at the same time the world-famous and effective weight loss diet - Mexican. Originality Mexican diet is that although it refers to a rigid diet, at the same time it is very diverse diet, and the time it short duration (only 4 days). This important feature makes it so popular in women's circles.

Of course, a special body of satiety Mexican diet for weight loss does not, because it is based on cuts diet, but 4 days stand not so difficult. As mentioned above, diet diet varied. With its subject the human body gets all the vital components.

Eggs - daily product in the diet of the Mexican diet - are a major supplier of protein in the body. Egg yolk lecithin, cholesterol and fats. Thus, eggs perfectly saturated organism, but not "imprinted" in the figure, due to the small quantity.

Vegetables contain nutrients and vitamins. So, for example, cucumbers are rich in potassium, which has beneficial effects on the heart and the entire circulatory system, as well as displays the excess fluid from the body. Fiber, in turn, contributes to the rapid cleanse the intestines and splits fat.

Fruits saturate the body with vitamin C, pectin, mineral salts and sugar. Thanks to the fruit body recuperate, and internal organs easier.

Dairy products (milk, yogurt and cheese) - contain both organic and inorganic substances that are necessary for the human body.

With regard to coffee and tea - so it is also important components of the diet, because the coffee in the morning will help to wake up, and tea throughout the day will give strength and invigorate the spirit.

Thus, despite restrictions on food, Mexican diet for losing weight is perfectly balanced, and the products in it are optimal. Lose weight and be always beautiful!

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