Diet: pineapple and chicken

Diet: pineapple and chicken
 Pineapple and chicken - these seemingly incongruous products in tandem are healing dish. If a few days to forget about the other food, tasty and healthy menus to cleanse the body of toxins and helps to lose excess weight. In this case, you will not feel a strong hunger that usually accompanies fasting days. The disadvantages of such a diet may be just the high cost of ingredients and possible contraindications.
 Resort to any diet should be only after consultation with a specialist. Quite a long time, your body will get monotonous diet. It is important that the doctor is not found to discharge days obstructions. They may become pregnant, breastfeeding, some specific diseases. Thus, the pineapple is not recommended to get involved in gastritis with high acidity and peptic ulcer disease - its juice increases the activity of gastric juice.

Chicken - product much more harmless, so part of the set of dietary dishes. Its meat is well absorbed by the body, it is no coincidence give even small children. Just remove the skins from the carcass fat, and it will become a valuable dish. When overweight nutritionists especially recommend the chicken breast is very low calorie portion of the carcass - 100 g skinless white meat contains less than a gram of fat.

Boiled or steam white meat - nutritious food, rich in phosphorus and protein. Therefore, a limitation in food during unloading is easier to move than in some other diets. If you have not found contraindications pineapple, it will become a valuable resource not only in the fight against obesity. An important property of these exotic fruits - the ability to give a sense of light saturation that is so important for fasting.

Pineapples help excrete the excess fluid and harmful substances. In this case, you will not lose potassium salts, which are necessary for normal functioning of the body - in the fruit contains a large amount of this substance. Usually pineapple-chicken menu nutritionists administered for 9 days. If you hang on this time, as a result lose up to 6 pounds overweight and improve metabolism.

In the first 3 days diet is recommended to use only boiled or steam white chicken meat in small portions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and an early dinner. Not to pass, before eating necessarily to drink a glass of clean water. From the fourth to the sixth day you must switch completely to fruit menu.

In the last 3 days, enter into the diet and pineapple and chicken. Eat these foods together: contained in fruit enzyme will break down fats and helps the body to digest protein. Try a variety of dishes. For example, cook a simple chicken salad and pineapple. Boil chicken breast and clean it from the skin, bones and cartilage. Cut the meat into small pieces and mix with pineapple slices. Fill with fresh pineapple juice, you can also add a few drops of lemon juice.

Throughout the nine days of pineapple-chicken diet should drink up to 2 liters of fluid per day: mineral water without gas, green tea. Nutritionists point out that after fasting days may be bile stasis. To help your body, sometimes instead of tea enter the menu cholagogic gathering herbs. At the beginning of each day, the diet can be taken on an empty stomach 25 g of vegetable oil.

In no case do not combine diet with various stimulants medication - diuretics or laxatives. It's too heavy load on the body - let it be cleared on its own. It is better to take regular exercise, swim in the pool, visit the sauna and massage therapist - then the positive effects of a diet is not long to wait.

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