Diet for the whole family

Diet for the whole family
 A diet that is well suited for single girl, hardly satisfied with a married woman. Husband and children will not be able to stick to mono-diet or only drink kefir, boiled water and green tea.
 If the idea of ​​healing the whole family, and along with getting rid of extra pounds does not give you peace of mind to find the best version of the diet that will suit the whole family:

1. "Soup". The basis of the diet will soups vegetable broth or cooked on a low-fat beef. There they should be twice a day - in the afternoon and evening. During cooking, can add to the soup broccoli, carrots, asparagus or bell pepper. Potato is better not to eat at all - neither cooked nor roasted. At breakfast, her husband and children, prepare a couple of sandwiches with boiled chilled meat themselves (if you do not have this feeling of hunger) limit yourself a glass of 1% yogurt. For dinner, you can also prepare a salad of fresh vegetables, olive oil. A diet designed for 2 weeks of the diet.

2. "Fish". Men and children will especially enjoy this diet. In addition, it is very useful - menu based on fish and fish products, will help compensate for the deficiency of phosphorus and calcium. Within a week, eat dinner soup, tomato soup with fish, creamy soup with salmon (when cooking, use low-fat cream). The best dinner will be sole or tilapia fillet, grilled or in a double boiler. Need help in sweet "repay" homemade lemonade without sugar.

3. "cereal". A great way for 1, 5 weeks to throw a couple of extra pounds and cleanse the body of toxins. Central to this diet porridge reserved. Oats, millet, barley - a minimum of calories at the maximum satiety and utility! If you want the cake and ice cream, eat a granola bar. In the morning before breakfast drink a glass of boiled water with lemon, her husband and children will appreciate the low-fat milk with oatmeal cookies. On the second day of the food you will appreciate the ease and complete lack of digestive problems.

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