Bonn soup: eat without restrictions and Lose Weight

Bonn soup: eat without restrictions and Lose Weight
 His recipe is passed from mouth to mouth. He is regarded as a panacea, allowing no agonizing hunger easily lose 4-7 pounds along the way to cleanse the body and rejuvenate it. It's not about a great new invention pharmacists. Talking about the usual soup, which is appropriate would be put on the table during a family dinner, and called Bonn.
 Where did the name of the soup and whether it is related to Bonn - is unknown. But it is known that this soup will not only lose 5-7 pounds per week, but also cleanse the body, increase energy levels. And yet it is very rich in vitamins, which also will not be superfluous.

The structure includes soup ingredients, which has a reputation for products with negative calorie. What does this mean? This means that the processing of these products on the body spends more energy than receiving from it. In portions of soup only 35 calories, and "burn" it is much more. And logic suggests the thing for a diet almost incredible: the more you eat, the more will lose weight.

So please be a beam of 1 celery stalks, 6 onions, 6 tomatoes (you can take the tomatoes, canned in its own juice), 1 medium-sized Vilkom cabbage, 2 pieces of sweet pepper. Just need the salt, pepper, tomato juice - about 1 liter, and a large saucepan.

The procedure is very simple. The first step is planing vegetables - sliced, slices, slices, cubes, or as you like. Further, laying them in a pot and pour 1 liter of water, after which the remaining volume topped up with tomato juice. Vegetables should be completely covered with liquid. Solite, pepper and put the soup on high heat.

Now it is very important to get it right. Over high heat soup should boil, then fire should be reduced. The dish must not boil, it must languish. And after the vegetables are soft, you can remove the pan from the heat and ... begin to lose weight.

 There soup can at any time without any restrictions. Well, not too much to deny yourself in new tastes, it is permissible to add:
• On the first day a little sour fruit or berries (cherries, apples, oranges) - all except bananas.
• During the second day of green vegetables - any except legumes. At dinner that day, you can afford a baked potato.
• On the third day to the soup adds a bit of fruit and vegetables. However, on bananas and potatoes still have to forget.
• On the fourth day are allowed fruits and vegetables, plus it adds a glass or two of low-fat milk.
• On the fifth day of the diet can make a real feast. Today, the soup is allowed to 150-200 grams of beef and tomatoes 1-2.
• On the sixth day may be a vegetable salad and some lean meat or poultry.
• The Seventh Day, the last and decisive. Salute departed kilograms you can (besides soup) bowl of brown rice with vegetables and a glass of any fruit juice.

Bonn soup would not be so popular if diet based on it did not give impressive results. Now it is your turn to admire the efficiency soup diet. Eat and lose weight.

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