Advantages and disadvantages of a low calorie diet

Advantages and disadvantages of a low calorie diet
 Weight problem - long hackneyed subject. All people want to look slimmer, younger and beautiful. And all these qualities are directly dependent on the weight and power. To effectively overcome weight and get closer to his dream, many have resorted to different diets, which subsequently can only do harm.

Low-fat diet - power system, which is based on the amount of the used calories. On the day she usually eats 1500-1800 calories, man - 2000-2200. During the diet the amount of calories should be reduced to 300-500. Due to this, the body begins to "panic" and take energy from fat. Thus the process of weight loss. But not everything is so simple ...

Like any other diet, low-fat has its advantages and disadvantages.


Low-fat diet is very fast. Within just two weeks, you can lose weight by 5-7 kg. Note that reflect and count calories do not have to, because already exists a couple of dozen low-calorie diets, such as Chinese, Japanese and others. Parallel diet possible and even necessary to use fruits and vitamins.


Low-calorie diet - it's a tough diet. And very often the girl who heroically held out for two weeks, returning to the former diet, which not only helps to restore the lost weight, but better. This diet does not apply the slogan "the attempt - not torture" because in case of failure can be broken, depressed and even begin to overeat.

Another drawback - the limitation on a large number of products. Such a stand not everyone can, so hold the entire period of the diet may be only a few. But just hold out for two weeks - enough, you also need to keep this weight! Exercise, moderate diet, constant preoccupation with calories - all the strength is not all!


Heroes dared to offer a couple of tips to help you make the most effective diet. First, carefully review the proposed diet diets. If the products allowed diet, contain very little vitamins and minerals the body needs, eat fruit, drink vitamins. During the low-calorie diet drink plenty of water, which will help bring the body with toxins. Before starting the diet should consult with a dietitian who can pick up, if not low-calorie, then a diet that suits you more.

Remember that the best diet - a sensible diet. Good Luck!

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