Water diet: rules and tips

Water diet: rules and tips
 Among the abundance of a variety of diets offered in books and the media potential to clients, it can be confusing. Therefore, many girls who want to lose weight at any cost, they do not know what diet to choose to weight loss was the most healthy and effective. In fact, you can lose weight with the help of a very simple diet, which is a key element of pure water.

Many of the idea of ​​a water diet may seem strange, but in fact water is a necessary substance for the human body, and most people do not get enough as much water as they need during the day.

In the day adult should receive from half to three liters of water, depending on the lifestyle and the constitution. Water diet since the early days will bring you a feeling of lightness, normalizes metabolism, speed up digestion and contribute to fat burning and weight reduction.

In order to be truly effective diet, the water you need to drink only pure, not replacing it with tea, coffee, juices, and especially alcohol and carbonated beverages. For drinking use spring or mineral water, and this water before drinking it is not necessary to boil. If the water will still be boiled, add a little honey in it or lemon juice.

The essence of the water diet is very simple. Immediately after morning awakening on an empty stomach should drink two or three glasses of clean cool water and then for 30-40 minutes to eat nothing. During the day, take water for thirty minutes before a meal and two hours after a meal - this will intelligently allocate water consumption without disturbing the digestive process. A few hours after the evening meal drink water one last time before going to bed.

In order to suppress the appetite, drink and unsweetened herbal tea, pre-cool it. It is also useful during a diet drink kefir. As soon as you feel hungry at any other time than you planned meal, drink two glasses of water to feel a slight feeling of fullness.

If during the diet you will want to eat your favorite high-calorie treats, do not deny yourself the pleasure - eat no more than 70-80 grams of cake or pie, and then drink the water in large amounts, waiting two hours after each meal.

Eat in the best diet of fruits and vegetables, as well as light products, steamed. After six o'clock in the evening to drink water and do not allow yourself snacking. On this diet after two weeks you can lose up to five pounds of weight.

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