Tibetan diet - for those who do not like meat

Tibetan diet - for those who do not like meat
 People who do not belong to the admirers of meat, do not sit on the protein diet, but the Tibetan term power system with the ban on meat products, is quite suitable. A week spent on such a diet, lose weight and be able to improve the body.
 Within seven days of the Tibetan diet can not eat meat products, and consumption of fruits and vegetables should be at this time increase substantially. In fact, this diet is milk-vegetarian, it can be repeated after some time. Usually people shed up to 4 pounds a week.

Under the rules of the Tibetan diet food to eat slowly and in small quantities. It is necessary to take care of that during the meal sounded meditative music. Last time you can eat 2 hours before going to bed. In addition to dieting, you need to do breathing and physical exercises on the air.

Sample menu for Tibetan low-calorie diet is as follows. For breakfast Monday to drink a cup of milk and eat bread. Lunch will consist of lettuce, which has tomatoes, onions, bell pepper and parsley, 150 g of boiled beans and apples. For dinner you can eat cabbage salad with lemon juice and fruit. Volume salads range from 200 to 250 g

Tuesday breakfast, eating an apple and drinking mineral water. For lunch, we recommend to use boiled fish (200 g) and eat vegetable salad and for dinner nice fry on vegetable oil zucchini and eat a couple of tomatoes with a piece of bread and tomato juice.

Wednesday will begin with two cups of milk and crackers. For lunch, it is desirable to boil 200 grams of beans and eat vegetable salad, drizzled with olive oil, and the dinner will consist of a glass of boiled beets, grated, two apples, oranges, slices of bread, tomatoes and a glass of tomato juice.

On Thursday, you can repeat the menu Monday. On Friday, for breakfast consume milk and a bun for lunch - red cabbage and yogurt, and for dinner - fish, fried eggplant with bread and water.

Saturday afternoon will begin with a glass of apple juice and orange. For lunch, eat grated carrots with vegetable oil, vegetable salad and drink mineral water. For dinner you can eat 150 grams of cheese, 100 grams of strawberries and 2 crackers. Drink a glass of milk.

At breakfast on Sunday, as usual, milk crackers for lunch - fish stew, vegetable salad and mineral water, and for dinner - boiled beans, cheese, fruit and apple juice.

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