The program is tasty and healthy food

The program is tasty and healthy food
 To take care of your health, do not need to run to the pharmacy in order to shop there vitamins or dietary supplements. You just need to go to a more balanced and useful diet, thanks to which your body will be healthier in all aspects.  
 Accident prevention

Raw vegetables and fruits, as well as juices, including fresh, are very heavy load on the digestive system. So before you begin to change the usual way of eating, better consult a dietician or a gastroenterologist.

Drink Daily least 2-2, 5 liters of water. Start the day with 1-2 glasses. Be sure to drink water for 10 minutes before and 1-1 and 5 hours after a meal or snack any.

Please note that tea, coffee, juices, fruit drinks and sodas contribute to the removal of water from the body before it has time to work in it. Allow yourself to no more than 1-2 cups "seine" per day.

General recommendations

- The main source of energy are cereal, whole grain bread, pasta, bread, the best time for them - it's morning and afternoon.
- For the filling dishes from cereals and vegetables, use walnut oil, cedar, pistachio, pumpkin or corn.
- Fruits do not eat breakfast and after 18.00 hours.
- Sugar and honey drink only fruit and drinks.

Sample menu

Breakfast №1: eat better not by the hour, and then, when you are hungry. Each of us this time is different. Considered ideal breakfast prepared on the basis of cereals. For example, cereal (rice, buckwheat, wheat, oats, corn, etc.), pasta (wheat, rice, corn or buckwheat), bread, corn bread (wheat, rye, yeast or leaven).

Best of all grains combined with vegetables. This means that, for example, boring rice you can turn into a vegetarian risotto or pilaf, cook it with corn, peas, green beans, etc. Buckwheat is much tastier if you add it broccoli, cauliflower and greens. Polenta was very interesting in combination with tomato sauce, basil and cilantro. The main thing - add a dish 1-2 tablespoons unrefined vegetable oil first pressing.

Twice a week Eat breakfast dairy products, such as cottage cheese with sour cream and a glass of yogurt. Do not eat bread with cheese and cottage cheese. Once a week, start the morning with omelet or 2 boiled eggs with lettuce, cucumbers, olives, bell pepper and fresh herbs.

Breakfast №2: with a cup of coffee or tea, juice or juice can eat some chocolate, jam, jam, marmalade, dried fruits in chocolate and without fruit salad, seasoned with a teaspoon of honey.

Lunch: lunch diet should consist of carbohydrates LPs, legumes (beans, lentils), mushrooms and of course vegetables. Prepare, for example vegetable soup, potatoes, pasta or rice with vegetables, salad or steamed vegetables. If you have time before dinner hungry, snack on fruit, just do not eat them sooner than 1-1, 5:00 in the afternoon.

Dinner: it is based on are vegetables with nuts or seeds, as well as sour fruits and berries. With vegetables perfectly combines pomegranate, grapefruit, cranberry, gooseberry, lemon, lime, pomelo, plums, apples. Treat yourself, such as bell peppers, stuffed olives, herbs and nuts, artichokes, onions, parsley, mint, lemon and garlic, eggplant Sicilian, etc. And if you do not want to cook for a long time, limit tomato salad.

If the weight does not threaten you, for dinner you can add a small amount of boiled potatoes or rice.

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