Pre-wedding diet Kate Middleton

Pre-wedding diet Kate Middleton
 Appearing before the media on the day of their wedding, Kate Middleton shocked the world with its stunning figure. To achieve harmony in such a momentous day she helped one diet that later became famous on all continents.
 Kate Middleton never differed thinness, she always had a delicious form. But on the day of the wedding the future Duchess of Cambridge decided to bring his body into a form that is not ashamed to show in an exclusive wedding dress in front of paparazzi gathered in London from all corners of the Earth. To this end, she decided to take advantage of Dukan Diet.

This diet was developed by Pierre Dyukanom. French nutritionist for more than ten years ago has become a favorite of women of France for a real way to get rid of extra pounds in a fairly short period of time. Diet consists of four stages, leading you to a slim and beautiful body without excess fat: attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilization.


Its subject are your extra pounds. This stage lasts from three to ten days (the number you define yourself, depending on the desired result). You can eat the following foods: any lean meat, cooked without the addition of other fats, seafood, fish, poultry (without skin and with the exception of ducks), eggs, low fat dairy products, salt, spices, mustard. In other words, the basis of the diet are protein products. Strictly adhere to this rule.

Starting with the first phase to the last phase of the diet, Ducane strongly recommends eating plenty of fluids, as well as one or two tablespoons of bran or wheat sheep.


At this stage comes the alternation of protein days and days when you combine them with vegetables in cheese and boiled. Recommended vegetables that do not contain starch: tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, peppers, asparagus, eggplant, zucchini. Phase can last from one to six months.


There comes a gradual return to the usual diet. Return products must take place slowly, in small portions. Every day, try to eat a helping of fruit, cheese and whole grain bread. The duration of phase depends on the amount of the lost kilos - on each of ten days this stage.


Complete return to continue feeding the exception of one week of the day when the power is in accordance with the principles of the first phase.

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