Nutrition for blood group

Nutrition for blood group
 Often popular diet does not give a positive result, and all because the products are the same, but people are different. And for each person the same diet can affect a completely unpredictable. The world has enough popular food for blood group. This is not a diet - it's a lifestyle. Just when the body receives only those products that he learns well, excess weight immediately leaves.

The essence of nutrition on blood group is that people should only eat food appropriate to his blood group, the rest of the food has a negative effect on the body, as it were poisoning him. All this leads to tragic consequences - metabolic disorders, obesity, lethargy, fatigue.

All four main blood groups. For the first group are considered to be the most suitable protein products of animal origin. This is due to the fact that the first group of people with increased gastric acidity. Organism assimilates excellent meat, dairy products, fish, root vegetables. So these people suffer bad - seafood, eggs, poultry. Negative impact on the body of people with first blood - carbohydrate foods. This bread, pasta, rice, sugar, beans, bananas, figs, dried fruit.

For representatives of humanity with the second group of blood are reversed. They perfectly digestible carbohydrate foods, but the whites of their body does not accept. Representatives of this type is recommended in the diet to focus on vegetables, fruits, cheeses, yogurt, bread, soy and its derivatives, cereals, fresh-water fish. It is not recommended to eat wheat, meat, dairy products, tomatoes.

Omnivores can be called representatives of the third group of blood. Their body takes great dairy products, meat, roots, sea fish. However, it should reduce the consumption of chicken meat, buckwheat, seafood.

Most exacting nutritional people are the fourth group. Because they have low stomach acidity, protein foods are digested poorly. Of meat are best suited - lamb, turkey, rabbit, rest as much as possible is recommended to exclude. Excellent digested dairy products, legumes, fish, fruit. Vinegar, herbs and spices have a negative effect on the body.

There is also a group of products that are suitable for all people. These include: dairy products, herbs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, mushrooms, fats.

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