New discoveries in the field of weight loss

 In fact, from the point of view of the world of science, these findings can not be called entirely new, but for our country, they truly are the newest. Let's start in order.

Who has not tried to throw a couple of extra pounds? For some, it is not a question of pleasure, and the question of "life and death". And in most cases these attempts are unsuccessful either or entail even greater set kilograms or lead to unexpected complications in the body. We are starting to reduce the amount of calorie and food, and our weight really reduced, but at the same time increases the appetite. This leads to a "failure" diet, weight gain, and, as a consequence, bad mood, low self-esteem. But judging by the statistics, scientists still managed to find a way out of the situation - in 2005 in the United States has sold more than1 million packages of products containing Hoodia extract. And no wonder - a natural effective tool for weight loss, which has no side effects, is simply obliged to use the enormous demand.

To achieve the ideal figure, it is enough to follow a simple rule:consume fewer calories than the body usesAnd weight decrease. Thus, increase in appetite regulation - one of the most effective ways to treat body weight.Therefore, experts of the two countries, Russia and the US have developed a new drug "weightless", which quickly and effectively reduces appetite and weight. Already in the first week of admission, you can reach caloric intake of 1,000 kcal and feel its positive effect.But our main task is to help you develop and preserve for many years the habit of eating right! That is, the shape, and then fastenreflex to use a small amount in terms of caloric food and make it a natural need.

What is hunger and how to fight it?

We all need food to survive. When the reduced number of nutrients in the body, our brain sends a signal, and it is calledreal hunger. Therefore, you can not completely starve your body hunger. At some point your brain "rebel" and actively require compensate for the deficit shortfall nutrients. They need it to function.
However, irregular and unhealthy diet, stress, and various eating disorders cause pathological (hormonal) hunger. It is this hormonal hunger prevents diet. When our blood glucose level falls, we are drawn to sweet and carbohydrates. This is - why you might want ice cream in the evening or at night.

The concept is simple

In 1937, anthropologists studying the life of the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert have noticed that during long hunting trips that people uses stems cactus familyHoodia (Bushmen called him Xhoba) to suppress hunger and thirst. San Bushmen peoples - one of the oldest tribes in the world, using miraculous properties Xhoba already for thousands of years. In addition to ease hunger and thirst, Xhoba is also a strong energy,but without their inherent side-effects: Tremor, palpitations, irritability, sleep disturbances. It was the perfect choice for hunters who need to travel hundreds of miles through the desert in pursuit of prey.
Later, at the end of the 20th century, it led to the discovery, which has yet to revolutionize the civilized world on ways to combat obesity.

Why decreased appetite while taking the drug, "Neves"?

New discoveries in the field of weight loss

When scientists carefully studied this plant, they discovered an unknown molecule, dubbed the P-57. This molecule acts on the hypothalamus, but rather on disposed therein nerve receptors sensitive to glucose.
Scientists interested in this phenomenon, confirmed outstanding anorectic properties of Hoodia in experiments on laboratory animals and in the clinic, and in 1997 identified the active ingredient Hoodia - molecule P-57, which, despite all attempts so far failed to synthesize artificially.
The mechanism of action of Hoodia as follows: P-57 molecule mimics anorectic effect of glucose on the hunger center in the hypothalamus, tricking the brain, informing him of satiety. And P-57 acts in 10 000 times more glucose! Blocking the formation of fatty acids from carbohydrates, it maintains a concentration of glucose in the neurons of the hypothalamus which do not stimulate the appetite.
Calorie consumption is thus reduced by 40%! For energy the body switches to burning fat reserves and the person loses weight. In December 2001, completed a study that brought sensational results: obese patients who took Hoodia extract, easier to tolerate low-calorie diet and a general reduction in the amount of food will reduce the weight and at the same time do not suffer from the side effects! At the same time, with a light hand of journalists, and was born the term - "appetite killer."

What helps "weightless" to be more effective?

If the extract of Hoodia add elements that promote the conversion of fat into energy, the effect is simply magnificent. After all, there is already proven by doctors and scientists substances whose use and safety proved not only clinical trials, but also long-term practice. These include green tea extract, Garcinia Cambodian, chromium, vanadium, calcium pyruvate.

If we are talking about the effect of the fight against hunger abnormal, it must be said thatHoodia help of several components. Is ThisChromium and VanadiumLocated in a bioavailable form of the amino acid chelate.
Chrome. Even a slight shortage of chromium may increase the weight. Infectious and chronic diseases, stress, exercise also increases chromium loss in the body. Overweight and obesity - the result of a violation of carbohydrate metabolism. Chrome normalizes carbohydrate metabolism, accelerates the oxidation of glucose in adipose tissue, its main function is to reduce the level of sugar in the blood. Therefore easily overcome by a craving for "fast" carbohydrates - to the flour and sweet. In this weight loss is only due to body fat without affecting other tissues. The skin and muscles are not dehydrated, remains supple and elastic. Chromium helps to overcome stress arising from the reduction of the amount of food.
Vanadium involved in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, inhibits the formation of cholesterol and reduces blood lipids. Vanadium has a similar effect to chromium in the processes of carbohydrate metabolism, but at the same time, improves the absorption of chromium. Chromium and vanadium chelate (compound of chromium with different amino acids), enhances the digestion in the body.

The idea of ​​sharing and amino acid chelate Hoodia chromium and vanadium in our preparation is to avoid snacking between meals, especially in the evening. And also reduce the amount of calories in food intake.

As a "weightless" helps to fight with the accumulated fat?

You have decided to reduce the consumption of high-calorie food and not to increase the volume of your waist, but by his assistant"Weightless"Would like to lose the extra weight that is already there. As part of our preparation and includes fat burning ingredients.
In the extract of Garcinia cambogia contains 50%hydroxycitric acidWhich is one of the best "fat burners". By increasing metabolism accelerates energy metabolism, resulting in increased physical and mental performance, as well as stimulates the production of heat. Provided weight loss due to fat tissue, not muscle. As a consequence, there is a high performance and excellent health.
Calcium pyruvate. Also increases fat burning and turning them into energy. Most clearly the effect of calcium pyruvate is shown at a low calorie diet.
Green tea extract rich in natural antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals. Effect of green tea on weight loss due to the ability to break down and remove fat cells from the body. Just increases efficiency, reduces fatigue, gently toning effect is achieved gradually and lasts long enough.

The combination of Garcinia extracts, green tea and calcium pyruvate have a very strong thermogenic effect and thus help to fight both with already accumulated fat and prevent the formation of new fat.

New discoveries in the field of weight loss

What is the uniqueness of "weightlessness"?

- Joint development of US and Russian scholars.
- Produced in the US pharmaceutical standards GMP.
- Only natural ingredients. Safe. Not addictive.
- All components have passed strict quality control.
- Comprehensive and balanced composition.
- Use the most rich active ingredients of Hoodia extract, Garcinia and green tea.
- High efficiency and excellent tolerability.
- We work competently cost, so our prices are affordable for all customers and are about 330-350 rubles. 30 capsules per pack.
- When you buy 2 packs free delivery on Moscow.

Want to lose weight right? Then use "weightless" and "FERMENTIN"!

Action "weightlessness" is enhanced when co-administered with the drug "FERMENTIN" which containsBromelain, Papain and other digestive enzymes that prevent fats deposited. Just "FERMENTIN" helps more complete absorption of nutrients and vitamins that are so essential to our body during the diet.
"Fermentin" supports healthy digestion, provides the body with all the major enzymes, and normalizes the microflora of the digestive system, regulates the level of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, has anti-inflammatory effect, regulates the acid-alkaline balance in the body, is also recommended for overeating.

The uniqueness of the complex to reduce weight "weightless" + "FERMENTIN" is made possible for the first time that combination of natural ingredients that reduce appetite and weight with a group of enzymes that enhance the efficiency of the overall complex.

New discoveries in the field of weight loss

Read the article "Seven basic rules of effective reception of the complex" weightless "+" FERMENTIN. "

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