Myths about diets

Myths about diets
 Each century has its own style. Not so long ago in Russia overweight women were considered the standard of beauty. Since they were painted all known paintings admired. Why is today, in our time, overweight is considered something very indecent. In magazines and on TV constantly show weight loss recipes of many stars of cinema and music, and a variety of highly advertised slimming. And it is absolutely not enough, as the general diets someone gets very good money.  
 But, unfortunately, most of the people watching and advertising appeals to losing weight, begin to suffer from one thing or another means, blindly believing all that is written or shown. They do not think that any diet or slimming, can lead to complications, sometimes very serious.

Most diets is based on well-established myths that are easy to dispel.

1. What tougher diet, the greater the effect of it.
Very often poorly tolerated by the body severe restriction of habitual consumption, the necessary nutrients or food. Approximately 75% of people who used to adhere to a strict diet, then could not stand and frustrated. Strict dietary restrictions lead to a change of habits and tastes, which is very detrimental to the well-being and can cause adverse changes in the body. Even such seemingly harmless diet as vegetable or fruit - are already on the fourth day can cause weakness, malaise, and a weakening of attention. All of this suggests that our body is absolutely not enough monotonous food.

2. The reduction in the number of meals will help lose weight.
Nutritionists recommend to eat food more often, but small portions. If you limit yourself to the amount of meals, the people who are accustomed to it, will eat at one time much more food than is necessary, thus overloading your body. This way of eating can lead eventually to overeating.

The human body is designed so that a feeling of fullness comes after a quarter of an hour after a meal. Therefore, food should be taken slowly, carefully perezhёvyvaya. And, before the onset of saturation, food is made smaller. It is recommended to eat more nourishing food in the morning, and the most nutritious meals - breakfast.

3. Avoiding fat helps to lose weight quickly.
In fact, it is very difficult to do, since 90% of the products contain fat in their composition in different forms. Since fat contains essential acids, it is impossible to completely rid your diet of fat intake, but rather simply to reduce its consumption. And this should be done very carefully and gradually.

4. If you replace many foods from your diet for fruits and vegetables, then the body will only benefit.
This postulate is very common and is used by many. Mainly due to the fact that the low-calorie fruit and vegetables. But people older than 40 years, as well as those who have any chronic digestive diseases, as well as liver, kidney, etc.. You must be very careful to treat such diets. Vegetables can be harmful for gastritis, gastric ulcer and pancreatitis. They can provoke pain and complications. And what about milk and dairy products, which, like no other, rich in calcium? Milk helps to lose weight and fix the result. Therefore, if you do not have contraindications to their use, the milk and dairy products have to be at your desk.

5. The best effect gives starvation.
In this case, the body is subjected to a rather cruel way to lose weight. This mechanism is, of course, works, but it may be a very serious violation of the kidneys, liver and glands because of the large loss of protein and vitamin deficiencies. Fasting that is expanded in time, leads to a very intensive weight loss. And this, in turn, threatens serious consequences and complications. Nutritionists believe that the most effective slow, gradual weight loss. In this method of weight loss is less adverse effects on the body. With the gradual weight loss good to give your muscles more exercise. This will partly replace the fat to muscle tissue cells.

6. The longer you are on a diet, the better the result.
In the course of its development, our body is accustomed to rapid addiction to any changes. The same thing happens with diets. When our body gradually adapts to the diet, the weight loss slows down and reduces the effect of weight loss. Also, many diets are designed for some, a certain period of time, after which the effect of this diet is reduced to zero.

7. When using a thin diet, the slimmer and others.
This assumption is absolutely not true. Each organism its own individual characteristics, and not just physiological. If one can easily withstand cold, heat and others, as well as diet, someone will approach, and some do not. Choose a diet must be strictly individually.

8. A diet to reduce weight quickly, are most effective.
Conversely, such diets produce the smallest effect. They do not help to acquire the necessary skills supply. Therefore, quickly dropping your weight, you can quickly dial it. And even, in practice, more than ever before.

9. If you do not turn came one diet to another, but the result still will achieve.
As a result, after this method, your body will be so exhausted that no sane diet can not return to their seats. And, in addition to this, can still be made different diseases. Well, if they are not chronic.

It is not necessary to seek quick results and does not take into account the processes taking place in the body. Find a diet that will help to achieve the optimum weight and will not have a negative impact on well-being and overall health.

 Author: Yuri Belous

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