Macrobiotic Diet

Macrobiotic Diet
 The key principles of the macrobiotic diet were formed under the influence of Chinese philosophy. Its essence lies in the use of only those products that grow in a place where a person lives, and always in accordance with their season of ripening. This diet for a long time already adheres to the popular singer Madonna. Perhaps it is thanks to her pop diva and looks much younger than his years.

Most diets - it's not just a set of allowed and forbidden foods, this is a real philosophy, which is based on knowledge of the world. A striking example is the macrobiotic diet, which is also called "diet Madonna."

Macrobiotics - a doctrine of lifestyle and nutrition, it is based on the principles of the philosophy of the East, in particular, the doctrine of the balance of yin and yang, according to which the cause of most diseases is the predominance of yin yang or energy. It depends on the circumstances - lifestyle, climatic conditions of residence, the nature of work. Therefore, you must treat the disease yin yang food, and vice versa.

According to macrobiotics, yin foods are acidic in reaction and yang foods - alkaline. This diet involves the rejection of products which have a pronounced energy, since they are able to induce the energy imbalance. These include sugar, milk, meat, cheese, fruits and berries. Proponents of rigid macrobiotic diet completely abandon these products. "Weakened" version of this way of eating allows the use of refined sugar and meat domestic chicken.

By "good" foods include vegetables, especially cabbage and root vegetables, and whole grains, tofu, seaweed, fish, greens, legumes, unrefined oils and nuts. The diet should always prevail yang foods, because they are low-calorie. These products include cereals, fish, onions, carrots and cabbage. Beets, potatoes, vegetable oil, pepper, fruits, nuts, honey - it's food with the energy of yin.

But only one list of prohibited and permissible products, this diet is not limited. It is extremely important principles of acceptance and selection of food. And the main principle lies in the fact that all products must necessarily be natural and grown in the region of residence. No preservatives, flavor enhancers, dyes and other "joys" of the chemical industry in used products should not be. The use of semi-finished products, this diet is also not allowed. All meals should be prepared only for one day. In addition, the food should be consumed in accordance with the seasons: spring to prefer sprouted grains and cereals, summer - vegetables in the fall - root vegetables, winter - legumes and cereals.

According to the diet, drink plenty of fluids is not worth while banned were juices and other sugary drinks, tea, coffee. To quench your thirst you need to drink only small sips. That there was a feeling of satiety faster food should be chewed thoroughly: each piece at least 60 times.

Estimated daily menu of this diet may be as follows:
Breakfast: oatmeal on soy milk or water;
lunch: a little fried fish with rice and leek;
dinner: vegetables and tofu with wheat.

Macrobiotic diet will lead to success only if it will not be a temporary measure, and permanent way of life. Such a system power carried away many stars, including Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Please be aware that this diet has its drawbacks. Large amount of fiber is only partially useful - it can lead to an overabundance of an imbalance of minerals. Diet can not provide the body with everything you need - magnesium, protein, calcium. This power supply system is very monotonous, and requires enormous willpower.

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