Lindsay Lohan: how to keep a diet

Lindsay Lohan: how to keep a diet
 Popular actress Lindsay Lohan in 2005 was able to quickly and dramatically lose weight by 12 kg due to their diet. After that, it continues to be slim and does not hesitate to show her figure. Lindsay Lohan diet can not be called gentle, but certainly it is effective and very effective.

What about weight loss Lindsay Lohan were a lot of rumors, since talking about weight loss center and ending talk of abuse diet pills and indigestion drug. The very same Lindsey annoyed by all the talk on the question of its rapid weight loss says that "people lose weight when they grow up."

Lindsay has denied that she had problems with bulimia, on the contrary, she says that her former overweight previously had psychological reasons related to problems in the family, then it became to eat, do not eat foods from which to get fat and began to lead a very active lifestyle, so thin.

Lindsay Lohan she prefers to use his diet melon, thanks to which, and so thin, but in this diet is also possible to use other kinds of fruit, except for very high-calorie.

Breakfast should consist of one cup of any fresh fruit juice. For lunch as for dinner, you need to eat from three hundred to four hundred grams of any fruit and a glass of fresh fruit juice. As mentioned above, Lindsay herself prefers melon, but also can take and other fruits, such as apples, pears or plums. It does not take too much high-calorie fruits such as grapes and bananas.

Due to their diet actress was able to achieve the desired results very quickly. Therefore diet Lindsay Lohan useful to all those who need significant and guaranteed results in a short time. With this diet 12 kg weight can be lost in a single month. The main diet to follow the rules and do not have anything extra.

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