Israeli diet

 According to Israeli nutritionists, abuse of food - nothing else, as evidence of the complete mismatch between the mind and action, and the consumption needs of the organism.  

Tainted overeating figure - not the worst consequences of being overweight. It is also a disorder of the peripheral circulation and lymph circulation, various metabolic disorders, including gallstone and kidney stone disease, diabetes. Plus, the possibility of "bouquet" sores added reduced the body's resistance to various pathogens of infectious and inflammatory diseases, respiratory ailments.

However, all this can be avoided if desired. The main thing - do not despair, because everyone can lose weight. Just do not rush. The optimal rate of weight loss - 2-3 kg per month.

Israeli doctors recommend to strictly control the compatibility of food consumed. For example, meat, eggs, cheese can be combined with green vegetables, but do not have milk, starchy foods, sour fruits, sour cream, butter and vegetable oil. Fish combined only with green vegetables. Milk "not friends" with nothing. Fats useful to use only with grains and green vegetables. Green vegetables are good protein and starch. Sour fruits are best eaten alone or with milk, but it is not desirable to combine them with grain, bread, proteins.

Drink the best water only, and clean, without mineral inclusions (filtered, boiled). Juices, milk, yogurt experts attribute to food.

Israeli nutritionists recommend for full tested empirically menu, which will not only promote weight loss, but also improve the metabolism, rid the body of toxins and stimulates the improvement of all systems and organs.

Dietary regimen in their understanding - this is no exception from the diet of certain products, and their rational use to be compatible, caloric and digestibility. "Sit down" on any one product or even a few is not only harmful, but also dangerous to health. But compliance with a reasonable diet for even a short time can give a positive result.

In the morning on an empty stomach: from teaspoon to a tablespoon of olive oil.

After 15 minutes:a cup of yogurt or fresh yogurt.

First breakfast:vegetable salad, a choice of oatmeal or buckwheat, peas, corn, cheese, boiled egg boiled (every other day), unsweetened tea, preferably green.

Lunch: (12: 00-12: 30) 200-300 grams of unsweetened fruit.

Lunch (14: 30-15: 00):salad vegetable, salad, vegetable soup or soup, boiled or steam meat (boiled or baked fish); one slice of black bread, baked apple.

Snack (18: 00-18: 30): 300 grams of unsweetened fruit.

Dinner: glass of kefir or yogurt, fruit mixture. Mixed Fruit is especially useful for people with problems in the intestines. Preparing it this way: just Peremel equal amounts of dried figs, dried apricots, figs, prunes and walnuts. These medicinal products can be washed down with water or tea.

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