How to speed up your metabolism and lose weight

How to speed up your metabolism and lose weight
 Advertising promises bbw magical effect of miracle drugs to speed up metabolism and weight loss. But usually results from their use, or not at all, or it only aggravates.
 If your muscles are well developed, you will burn more calories even without moving. With age, muscle tissue gets smaller, so the metabolism running in slow motion. Active motion is also accelerated during the metabolism of the day, as is the need to digest the incoming food.

No need to starve to lose weight. Those people who limit their daily amount of 1,200 calories, reduce the risk of metabolic efficiency by 45%. Sitting down on a rigid diet, you find yourself in a vicious circle - eat less calories but also the processing of food wasted little. Trying to maintain body metabolism slows down and to make the stock a "rainy day." Because of this, people get fat just by water alone.

Calculate your desired number of calories and maintain the stability of their consumption. Multiply your weight by 25 to get the number of the desired day of energy from food. If you weigh 50 kg, your rate - 1250 calories.

Divide the daily amount of food on several small steps. Research nutritionists suggest that fractional food metabolism. If you consume a lot of calories at a time, the body will postpone a "strategic reserve" in the form of fat.

Do not skip breakfast. Best morning meal for those who want to lose weight - it's brown rice and vegetables. They start the metabolism and cause the body to work.

Foods with a low glycemic index are absorbed better than foods with a high sugar content. Drink more water. That it helps to remove harmful waste products from which you need to get rid of more. Cool clear water speeds up the metabolism.

Drink green tea. It is proved that this drink really contributes to a better metabolism. The acidity of the body also affects the metabolism. Maintain a PH-factor of the body, that is, acid-base balance. In your diet acidifying and alkalizing foods should be equal. Fresh vegetables and fruits are alkalizing, and dairy products, eggs, poultry, fish, cereals, meat, beans, nuts, sugar - acidifying.

Speed ​​up the metabolism can not only through proper nutrition, but also aerobic exercise. Practise walking, jogging, swimming, cycling and rollerblading. Suffice it to thirty minutes of exercise a day to maintain your ideal weight. If you want to lose weight, time will need to be increased.

Help you and strength training, because they maintain a normal level of muscle mass, which has a positive effect on metabolism. Do not be lazy, if you can not go to the gym, do housework every day. Washing floors and walk around the apartment with a vacuum cleaner is doubly useful.

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