Grape diet: three days - minus three kilograms

Grape diet: three days - minus three kilograms
 There is a misconception that the grapes - a very high-calorie berry. This is not so. After all, he is 80% water. In a glass of grape contains only 60 calories. But dried grapes raisins brother just has a great calorie. Since it is composed of only 15% water. The concentration of nutrients in it has grown significantly.

Grape diet can not only effectively lose weight, but also great to cleanse the body. Grapes contain a large amount of bioflavonoids, which are potent antioxidants. These compounds compete with free radicals. And polyphenols regulate fat metabolism, which promotes weight loss. Besides comprises grape kilogram daily requirement of iron and zinc as well as half of the RDA of calcium and magnesium.

For a three-day grape diet should be reserved four kilos of grapes. On the first day should be eaten 0, 5 kg of berries on the second day 1, 5 kg. On the third day should eat up the remaining 2 kg. Grapes have to take all day with breaks in two hours.

As in any mono-diet, during the grape diet compliance with the risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases. This power system is contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes and constipation. Since grape skins poorly digested, should no longer walk and perform light exercise to prevent stagnation in the intestine. The tendency to constipation should be selected grapes with thin skin and pitted.

Since during the grape diet, cleansing of the body occurs, it should be ready for no one "crisis of purification." This can be expressed in the appearance of a cold, irritation on the body, nausea and plaque on the tongue. And the more of these manifestations, the stronger the slagging of the body. To cope with these unpleasant symptoms, you should not drink more soda water or herbal teas.

In order to prepare for the grape diet for a couple of days should be excluded from their diet alcohol, chocolate, products of animal origin. Also important is the correct way out of the diet. On the first day should be included in your menu fresh or boiled vegetables and fruits. You can then add the eggs, yogurt and low-fat fish. You can then return to their normal diet.

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