Fat diet: how to lose weight

 The problem of healthy nutrition nutritionist Jan Kwasniewski has been doing for more than thirty years. During this time, he created a system called "Optimum Nutrition", which offers not only a nutritionist as a universal diet, but also, as a practicing therapist, successfully used for the treatment of cardiovascular, renal and other diseases. Even such an incurable such as diabetes mellitus. What is the secret of his diet?  

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First of all, Dr. Kwasniewski advises only in a calm atmosphere, relaxed and chewing food thoroughly. On matters, reading, TV during a meal is better to forget. After the meal, relax for about fifteen minutes, and to physical activity begin no sooner than two to three hours. Actually, in this most nutritionists fully support Kwasniewski. But here's a list of the products that he recommends to eat, many of them have hair stand on end.

As a result of years of research Kwasniewski came to the conclusion that there is only need this food, which is easily absorbed by the body and gives a lot of energy at the same time. According to him, this food are extremely. animal proteins and fats. Ie meat and fat. All the rest of the Polish nutritionists recommend a diet to eliminate or at least significantly limit Used. For example, fruits and vegetables. Why would they have said Kwasniewski, if they consist mainly of water? It is much easier to drink a couple of glasses of clean water and do not upload your stomach extra work. With respect to vitamins required for normal functioning, they are in sufficient quantities and in meat. Especially in the by-products that we often neglect: liver, heart, lungs, kidneys. Usually, nutritionists advise to eat more vegetable fats. For example, sunflower oil or olive oil. Nothing against them Kwasniewski has not, but said much more useful to human animal fat, the same fat, for example.

And he categorically reject advice from cellulose contained in the bran, beans, bread ... fiber is usually recommended to improve the activity of the intestine. Kwasniewski also believes this nonsense and explains, fiber completely absorbed by the body, so why should it have?

What, then, in his opinion, should eat? Eggs (5-8 pieces a day!), Meat, fat, offal and milk (especially useful cream and cheese). And it should not just be bold and very bold! If milk - something with cream; if sour cream - it is very thick.

In this case, Dr. Kwasniewski yet offers sometimes add to your diet and foods containing at least carbohydrates - potatoes, pasta, flour, vegetables. But a little on the day quite a few potatoes or a piece of bread.

Typical menu for one day for an adult

Breakfast - scrambled eggs at least three eggs with bacon, a slice of bread (required dip in fat) and unsweetened tea.

Lunch Time - 150 grams bold carbonade, fried in egg and bread crumbs, a few potatoes, pounded in fat from frying, and a small pickled cucumber.

According to nutritionist, that is enough for a whole day because the food is very satisfying. But if there is a desire and still have dinner, then - on health.

In the diet Kwasniewski there are no strictly defined time for meals, there must be only when he wants. I wanted to tonight? Please!For dinner perfect two cheesecakes with butter, unsweetened marmalade spoon and a glass of heavy cream.

Switch to fat food Kwasniewski doctor advises not gradually, but immediately. In the near future, he says, you will feel a surge of energy, vitality and optimism. Also improve overall health. But the most important thing that should be especially pleased languishing on trendy diets ladies: in a few months a person's weight returns to normal. Fat lose weight, get fat and thin. In the future, subject to the diet, the body maintains itself has a normal weight for you.

These are not empty words or hype. Dr. Kwasniewski only in Poland more than two million followers, has been practiced for many years, its power system and feel great. Many of them are united in clubs where gather and discuss new recipes fatty "foods.

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