Brazilian Diet

Brazilian Diet
 If you want to have a beautiful slender figure worth trying the famous Brazilian diet, thanks to which you can quickly lose a few extra pounds without much difficulty and harm to health.

The basis of the Brazilian diet - vegetables, fruits and herbs. It is designed for 4 weeks, but that does not mean that so long you'll have to go without food: diet provides 5 or 6 meals a day.

So, the first day of your menu will consist of the following products: orange, banana and a glass of orange juice for breakfast; toasted white bread and fresh orange juice in the afternoon; for lunch - 100 grams of cooked fish and the same vegetable salad; Dinner follows the dinner, and before bed - even a glass of Frechet and croutons.

Menu on the second day is breakfast - boiled egg and 200 grams of apple fresh, snack - apple juice and toast; dinner - lean boiled meat (100 g), two small potatoes; For dinner, eat a salad of 10 grams of meat, eggs, green peas, and lettuce, and before going to sleep again, repeat the afternoon tea.

On the third day follow this diet: a glass of skim milk and toast for breakfast; 100 g low-fat cottage cheese in the afternoon; lunch - 100 grams of cooked rice and a salad of cabbage, greens and lemon pulp; dinner allowed 100 grams of lean meat, apple and a few leaves of lettuce.

Day Four: pineapple juice and the fourth part of pineapple for breakfast; 200 g of orange juice and toast in the afternoon; lunch - 100 grams of meat, of course, low-fat, 30 g of cheese and orange; for dinner - 2 boiled potatoes and 150 g of grated carrots with vegetable oil; a glass of pineapple juice and toast before bed.

On the fifth day you expect: for breakfast - a glass of mango juice and pineapple quartered; apple and orange in the afternoon; serving of boiled fish and boiled carrots 2 for lunch; for dinner - vegetable soup on a meat broth, and before going to bed - again a glass of mango juice and a toast.

Sixth day: Breakfast - 200 grams of apple juice and white toast; beet salad with vegetable oil in the afternoon; Lunch - vegetable soup in meat broth and a small slice of rye bread; 100 grams of cooked mushrooms and 100 g of vegetable salad for dinner; 200 g of apple Frechet and toast before bed.

The final seventh day of the week is as follows: Breakfast - banana and grapes; afternoon snack - a glass of grape juice and toast; Dinner - 100 grams of cooked meat, salad of lemon, cabbage and greens. Fish or mushroom soup and a salad of fruits will be on your dinner and before going to bed, eat fresh grapes or drink a glass of grape juice.

Keep in mind that the Brazilian diet is suitable only for those people who are not allergic to citrus and other fruits.

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