Terms of Feng Shui diet

Terms of Feng Shui diet
 Feng shui - fashion trend, not only with respect to family life and comfort, but also health. Among all the varieties of modern diets, many women are increasingly choosing for themselves exactly diet based on Feng Shui. After all, it not only affects the physical aspects of life (weight, weight loss), but also on the psychological (helps to normalize the condition of the body and the soul).

Of course, as is the case with other diets, in the Feng Shui diet there are a number of rules that must be followed, or you just do not get the desired effect.

One of the basic principles - the right to choose the dishes from which you eat. In order to get rid of extra pounds, you need to eat on the square plates, since they, according to Chinese belief, responsible for satisfaction. Round same utensils symbolizes curiosity. This means that you will unconsciously set out to eat more and to satisfy that feeling.

Also of great importance is the loss of weight and color of the kitchen. To once again did not want to eat, it is not necessary to finish the kitchen bright colors (red, yellow, green). Scientists have shown that only those shades like brown or beige, reduce appetite, and thus contribute to effective weight loss.

According to the Chinese, there must be only sitting. No standing snacking. So if food is swallowed on the go and would not benefit the body, but only once again settled on the sides or thighs.

Observation of a time and also very positive effect on the dynamics of weight loss. To assess themselves by, for hang kitchen mirror. In them you can see at any time and from any angle. Therefore easily be able to understand when you overeat and that too much is on your desk.

Highly recommended in Feng Shuya is in the course of the cycle clock. To do this in a prominent place in the room where you eat, hang a wall clock. When you're there, be sure to listen as running second hand. So you can train yourself to eat more slowly, which means that the load will be much faster. Yes and thoroughly chewed food easily absorbed by the body than swallowed hastily pieces.

To lose weight on a diet of feng shui, one must also take into account the location of objects in the kitchen. Correct the situation requires that you enter a room, will not balk look at those items that are strongly associated with food. For example, a refrigerator. You do not have to first see the kitchen table and breadbox. After all these things at once makes you want to eat. At the same time the door to the kitchen to do better opaque. According to the rules of feng shui entrance to the kitchen should be like a veiled and do not attract much attention. Need to try to do so that the person had a desire to go to any other room, such as the living room.

Ideal if you have plants in the kitchen. After all, their competent arrangement will allow to shift the focus and divert your attention from unnecessary snacking.

And, of course, the kitchen should not be exposed to the negative aura. After all, many times it is in a negative emotional stress a desire to "seize" it. And it is fraught with the appearance of extra pounds.

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