Spring diet-utility

 Spring - a time of change. And not only external. But, let's say, domestic. From the heavy, hot food time to move on to something light, airy, useful. And not even because to lose a few extra pounds. And just because ... spring.  

And So ...

Pamper yourself with bananas and dark chocolate - they help to cope with the decline in mood and mental fatigue.
The maximum enrich the diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, sauerkraut, fish, shrimp, salad with seaweed. Seafood allow compensate for a deficiency of iodine, which often brings his "contribution" in the spring of malaise.

Do not forget about dairy products, to maintain the balance of microflora in the gut. Modern wide choice: yogurt, mare's milk, yoghurt, varenets, unsweetened "live" yogurt. The requirement for only one thing - they must be fresh. Habit before bedtime drink a glass of sour milk such "medicine" will clearly establish the bowels, reduce the likelihood of constipation. And eaten in the morning on an empty stomach a small amount of steamed prunes and dried apricots will complete the adjustment of the system of self-purification of the body.

Be sure to drink a course of vitamins. You can buy a domestic - "Aerovit" and "Complivit" or imported - "Vitrum" or "Centrum". Useful and "enhanced" doses of vitamins C, B, E and A. But if the first two can be taken alone, the last two with respect to consult with a gynecologist, because they affect the production of hormones. In addition, receiving therapeutic doses of vitamin A may not be combined with smoking.

If you are obsessed with all sorts of seasonal ailments - adaptogens help. This Pantocrinum - infusion of young deer antlers - deer, extracts of ginseng, schizandra, eleutherococcus, alcohol-free balm Far "Gerbamarin." All they increase the body's defenses, a beneficial effect on performance.

But the main medicine - long walks and any exercise in the fresh air. Will also help and regular water treatments - douche with daily temperature difference increases slightly, perfusion, contrast foot baths. Even in the "fast" variant approach to maximize contrast temperatures should take at least three to four weeks. A good night's sleep in a well ventilated room - another important component of resistance against diseases. And the most useful is the "piece" of sleep before midnight. Poor sleep? Buy novopassit, passionflower extract. Helps with insomnia and simultaneously nourishes the brain amino acid glycine, which is in the form of tablets can also be purchased at the pharmacy.

You can try and medicineless way. For example, for 30 minutes before sleep slowly drink a glass of warm milk with a dessert spoon of honey. Help get rid of problems with sleep and regular visits to the pool. Two or three leisurely long "swim" in a week, and night's rest will once again be complete.