Products for cheating

Products for cheating
 Diet does not always imply only a reduction diet. To enhance the effect of weight loss on the contrary, some nutritionists suggest temporarily increase the amount of calories. This technique is called cheating.
 In nutrition, there are several theories about how you can quickly and efficiently lose weight. One of them says that you can not stick for too long a low-calorie diet. The fact that the human body for many thousands of years adapted to the situation of a possible famine. Therefore, when a shortage of food can slow down and weight loss.

Therefore, nutritionists use a special reception - cheating. It is used when you are sitting on a low calorie diet for a long time - more than two weeks. Cheating can continue from one to three days. The basic idea of ​​the process - is to increase caloric intake.

But cheating is fundamentally different from a simple cessation of the diet. Firstly, you have to increase the caloric intake in a certain way and not have everything. If you are planning to increase the caloric 1-2 days, you should consume no more than 1,000-1,500 extra calories. For longer cheating add 400 calories a day.

It is important to choose the right products. Try to gain extra calories from carbohydrates. This can be cereal, whole wheat bread and products made from wheat flour. You can also afford to vegetable oil or extra portion of moderately fatty meat.

During cheating undesirable to get involved sweet. After eating sweets feeling of satiety persist for long, and in some cases may even provoke sugar appetite. Also, do not eat chips, salted nuts and other high-calorie snacks. With them you can easily exceed the permitted limit daily calories.

Increasing caloric intake, try not to overeat. During the diet your stomach is somewhat reduced and requires minimal amounts of food. And if you break this process by eating a triple portion instead of the usual during the cheating, just a few hours you can feel hungry. Therefore it is better eat some of your favorite high-calorie foods that you do not have enough in the diet.

Carefully attributable to alcohol. It is better not to drink even while cheating. It contains a lot of calories, causing appetite, while slimming could cause a stronger than usual intoxication.

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