Lose weight in your sleep. Really?

Lose weight in your sleep. Really?
 People suffering from excess pounds, united by one simple desire - to lose weight with the least amount of effort and energy. For example, by magic tablet. Or by means of a miracle device. Or in a dream - woke up, and at the waist minus five centimeters. And just last wish is not unreasonable. After all, sleep is useful not only for health, but also for the figure.

Studies conducted in the research institutes of Great Britain, the US and Japan, according to: the less you sleep, the more chances you have to gain weight.

Not giving your body enough time to recover, you knock him off and interfere with reasonably spend the calories obtained from food. All properly organized diets involve a sufficient number of hours of sleep. Lack of sleep reduces the effectiveness of any diet to a minimum. Women who sleep less than five hours, a 30% higher risk of overweight than those who sleep on a daily basis for at least eight hours.

Explanations for this phenomenon, there are several.

Firstly, when you sleep, you do not eat. The body requires more food at night, because he has to spend more energy to stay awake.

If you snack foods that quickly creates a feeling of satiety, weight gain is inevitable. Chocolate, confectionery and white bread quickly saturate and as quickly digested, so the feeling of hunger soon returns.

When you are forced to stay up past midnight, dine lean meat or fish with vegetables, then snack apple, orange or raw carrots.

The second reason is that the lack of sleep is disturbed hormonal balance. Therefore, during the night worse proceeds burning fat cells. Reduction of hours of sleep results in decreased body somatotropin. It is this hormone is responsible for the breakdown of adipose tissue. And it happens always at night.

Besides ghrelin production is disturbed responsible for appetite and leptin affecting satiety. As a consequence, sleepy people not only want to eat more in the morning, but the feeling of satiety and he comes to work.

So how many hours should be in bed, so that the body itself began to voluntarily give up fat reserves? All nutritionists and psychologists are unanimous - for normal body needs 7 hours 30 minutes of healthy sleep.

It is not only the duration of sleep, but also its quality. Less exercise just before going to sleep, less worry and nervous. For five hours before bedtime eliminate caffeine from your diet and slow carbohydrates. Porridge and a cup of coffee is best left for breakfast. For dinner, cook lean meat or fish with vegetables. Avoid spicy and fatty foods. Any physical load is less than two hours before bedtime, should be excluded.

Create mode: bedtime should be the same on weekdays and weekends. Waking up too, is approximately the same time, even on Sunday.

Eruption, you will lose 500 grams weekly only through proper operation of your body and normalize hormonal levels.

And if you add to the full sleep balanced diet, your extra pounds will fly like autumn leaves.

So, to lose weight in a dream - really!

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