Karl Lagerfeld Diet

Karl Lagerfeld Diet
 Dramatically thinner world-famous fashion designer has brought into fashion a new diet, through which he was able to achieve outstanding success. Diet was developed by a dietician and is one of the most effective methods of losing weight.

The basic principles of the diet are to limit food intake of vitamin supplements and protein. Preference is given to eat lots of vegetables and seafood, and fatty foods are strictly limited. Of the meat products are allowed to eat the bird, rabbit and veal, and pork, beef and lamb - banned. All dishes must be cooked by steaming or cooked, fry foods is strictly prohibited. Fruits with high sugar content (grapes, bananas, cherries) is recommended to exclude from the diet, sugar is also forbidden foods.

Karl Lagerfeld Diet also includes the use of food additives - specifically designed herbal complexes that accelerate the metabolism and create a feeling of satiety. To eliminate the risk of disruption of the intestine into the compositions added fiber, which promotes the work of all departments. Natural sources of vitamins and minerals (algae, plants) saturate the body with nutrients, drowning hunger.

Protein drugs - one of the constituent elements of a light diet. Developer method calls on two packages replace breakfast with protein and accept them before dinner to avoid overeating evening.

Having achieved rapid weight loss, and bring your life to a new level, the great maestro of the fashion world afford to give advice to people who want to say goodbye to excess weight. His advice is simple and practical - Lagerfeld offers stop "jam" their stress and failure, walk more, to find in your diet aesthetically attractive side. Starting a diet, you should not do this show - it's an intimate process and highly individual. But the victory over weight and over yourself and you can celebrate - vegetable salad and skilfully prepared squid. And be sure to consult with your doctor before starting a diet to be examined.

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