I sit on a diet ... and thick! How so?

I sit on a diet ... and thick! How so?
 Often, women, striving in that whatever was to lose weight, pace yourself agonizing hunger strike hard, intense exercise and numerous psychological techniques. However, there are cases when instead of the desired weight loss girl suddenly gaining more pounds. What is the reason for this?

Firstly, before choosing a diet, a woman should thoroughly understand it. As a rule, any temperance in eating involves weight loss by restricting ourselves to any food. All people on the Earth's metabolism is different. One better absorbed carbohydrates, and the other - fats. Accordingly, a woman will have to sit on the "carb" diet, the other - to exclude from the consumption of fats. Thus, the wrong choice "hunger strike" can lead to a set of extra pounds.

Another reason for the increase of weight in the diet is considered to be the wrong approach to training. Many girls naively believe that the more time they spend in the gym, the faster you can lose weight. But it is not. Intense exercise leads to muscle growth, and this greatly affects the total weight of the body and the formation of the female silhouette.

From the foregoing it should be a simple conclusion - you need to seek help from a specialist (nutritionist), which will be developed for each woman her diet and course access to the sports hall. To compile such programs specialist will take into account all the physiological data of the fair sex, and especially its body, particularly, digestion and metabolism.

If you visit a nutritionist for some reason does not work, should adhere to the following tips. Give up that diet, which you now hold, but that does not benefit. Instead of the usual snacks in the form of chips, cookies (high calorie) and the same apples (they cause appetite), rassosite one (no more!) Caramel. Brain immediately receives a signal, which will usher in the body of the entry of carbohydrates and hunger blunted.

Eliminate from your diet fried dishes. Better to boil yourself for breakfast and lunch meat, chicken, carrots and beets. Reduce the portion consumed for breakfast and lunch. Recommended to eat small doses, with careful prozhevyvaniem each piece. So the body will be satisfied and you can feel all the taste and aroma of cooking.

Finally, ask the instructor in the gym to pick you up exercise "stretching", which will not allow the muscles to grow in volume, but only strengthen them.

In the end it is worth recalling that the only correct approach to the diet can lead a woman to the desired result - a figure, which she had long dreamed of.

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